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Return to the Moon
Edited by Rick N. Tumlinson with Erin R. Medlicott
Featuring articles by Alan Binder, Andrew Chaikin, Patrick Collins, Yoji Kondo,
Howard McCurdy, Paul Spudis, Courtney Stadd, Frank White and many other Lunar Experts
Published by Apogee Books, December 2005
Order Return to the Moon from Amazon.com and a portion of the sale goes to the Space Frontier Foundation. Support the Foundation with your purchase!
Return to the Moon
Click above to order Return to the Moon from Amazon.com. Cover artwork by Mark Maxwell.
From the back cover:
We are in one of the most unique moments in human history. Just as the world is facing the tremendous challenges brought on by climate change, burgeoning populations pushing for more and more of the limited pie of Earth’s resources, new technologies and ideologies that can threaten our very existence, there is rising above the horizon a beacon of hope. For at the same moment in our history, a new generation, inspired by the early voyages of Apollo, is stepping up to open the space frontier. From multi-millionaires and billionaires building their own rockets to carry average folk into space, to private space hotels and industrial plants in orbit, there is revolution underway just overhead. Add to this the command given to NASA by the President of the United States, to take us back to the Moon and on to Mars, the new focus on space by China, and the ongoing and innovative efforts of the Russian space program, which include recent offers to fly commercial passengers around the Moon and back again, and you have the beginnings of a true change in the course of our future.

Yet unless our leaders make sure that we do it the right way this time, we may well fail to move humanity beyond the Earth. If the government dollars being spent on space are wasted on another Apollo style dead end, we may find ourselves once again with just flags and footprints to show for our efforts.

This book speaks with the voices of more than twenty of the top experts and policy leaders who, each coming from their own very different philosophies, political backgrounds and biases, say the same thing – humanity can expand beyond the Earth to Mars and beyond using the Moon as our stepping stone. Each of their different voices combine into a chorus that says we can return to the Moon, we can do it right, and this time, we stay!

Rick N. Tumlinson and Erin R. Medlicott are board members of the Space Frontier Foundation, the world’s most vocal and persistent voice for the cause of expanding humanity beyond the Earth. For almost 20 years, the organization has taken on the hard work of changing the conversation about space from one that is centered on government space programs to how we the people can get involved and get off this rock. Often critical of government space efforts, the group sees hope in new plans to return to the Moon, working to bring this vision together with the new generation of space pioneers in the private sector.
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The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. Our goals include protecting the Earth's fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space. Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System.

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The High Frontier is Gerard K. O'Neill's masterpiece. This new 3rd Edition Includes an introduction by Freeman Dyson.
Click above to order The High Frontier from Amazon.com.

The Frontier Enabling Test
Our definition of a "frontier enabling" technology or policy is one which has as its effect the acceleration of the creation of low cost access to the space frontier for private citizens and companies, enables or accelerates our use of space resources, and/or accelerates the rate at which wealth can be generated in space. In other words, is the project or policy going to provide a return on the national investment, if we define "return" to be the economically sustainable human habitation of space?

For more information call 800-78-SPACE (800-787-7223)
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