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Space Frontier Foundation Web Links
There are many organizations and individuals who are doing outstanding work that will help to open the Space Frontier. These include people in government, industry and academia, as well as commercial space businesses and non-profit organizations. Presented here is a list of links to some of our favorites.
Commercial Space Companies...Links and More
Information and Links to Space Businesses are listed on the Foundation's Commercial Space Companies page, maintained by Foundation Advocate David Anderman.
Activist Organizations
The Heinlein Society Dedicated to the vision of Robert A. Heinlein, The Heinlein Society is an educational non-profit organization founded by Virginia Heinlein to “pay forward” her husband's legacy of pro-space activism.
The Mars Society
The Moon Society An international non-profit educational and scientific foundation formed to further scientific study and development of the Moon.
The National Space Society (NSS)
ProSpace A legislative affairs and lobbying organization which takes the message of opening the space frontier to Capitol Hill. Among their activities is the annual March Storm, a week-long event where citizens tell their elected representatives what THEY want America's space policy to be.
SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)
SSI (Space Studies Institute)
The Suborbital Institute An organization concerned with legislation and regulatory issues affecting commercial suborbital spaceflight.
Yuri's Night An annual celebration of Yuri Gagarin's historic flight.
News and Commentary
Bad Astronomy The Bad Astronomy web pages are devoted to airing out myths and misconceptions in astronomy and related topics.
Dale Gray's Frontier File Hosted by Interglobal Space Lines.
MSNBC's Cosmic Log Alan Boyle covers the physical sciences, anthropology, technological innovation and space science and exploration for MSNBC.com..
NASA Watch Updated daily by Reston Communications.
Space Policy Digest Has suspended publication, but offers an extensive archive of articles.
The Space Review Essays and commentary about the final frontier.
The Space Show Hosted by Foundation Advocate Dr. David Livingston, The Space Show focuses on timely and important issues influencing the development of outer-space commerce and space tourism.
Centennial Challenges Centennial Challenges is NASA's program of prize contests to stimulate innovation and competition in solar system exploration and ongoing NASA mission areas. By making awards based on actual achievements, instead of proposals, Centennial Challenges seeks novel solutions to NASA's mission challenges from non-traditional sources of innovation in academia, industry and the public.
X Prize Cup The X PRIZE Cup is the result of a partnership between the X PRIZE Foundation and the State of New Mexico that began in 2004 with plans to build the world's first true rocket festival.
X Prize Foundation The X PRIZE Foundation creates and manages prizes that drive innovators to solve some of the greatest challenges facing the world today.
General Info Sources
AeroSpaceGuide Space projects and Info covering spacecraft, planets, launch vehicles, space planes and more.
AMSAT The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation.
The Archimedes Institute Focusing on International Space Law.
The ARTEMIS Project A private venture to establish a permanent, self-supporting community on the Moon.
Celestrak Current orbital elements.
Federation of Amercian Scientists (FAS) Space Policy Project
The First Millennial Foundation The Living Universe Foundation seeks to preserve the ecology of the Earth while colonizing the oceans and outer space.
HobbySpace.com Resources for space hobbies and activities for the general public.
Interglobal Space Lines
International Space University (ISU)
PERMANENT Space Settlement Concepts
The SETI League The international grass-roots organization dedicated to privatizing the electromagnetic Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
Space Tourism offers information about the companies developing vehicles to take tourists into suborbital space.
The Space Settlement Initiative A site by long time Foundation friend Alan Wasser which proposes legislation regarding space property rights that would help Open the Frontier.
Spaceweek International Association
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page
Russian Space Program
Energia Ltd.
Chinese Space Program
China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) Long March Launch Vehicle site.
Reference Sites
AdvanceSpace Very nice site run by a Foundation member.
Apogee Books "The" space book company, publishers of the NASA Mission Reports.
Astro Sociology Understanding space and society from a grounded perspective.
Apogee Rockets Rocketry For Educators: this extensive site provides useful information about using model rockets in classrooms.
Encyclopedia Astronautica A fine site by Mark Wade, endorsed by Encyclopedia Britanica, NASA, and the New York and London Times.
Nigel Hey's Solar System Site for the book Solar System by science writer Nigel Hey, published in October 2002 and containing contributions by Foundation friends Pascal Lee, Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Freeman Dyson.
International Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Names Glossary A searchable database, listing more than 6000 names and designations.
Jonathan's Space Home Page Includes Annual Launch Log and Condensed UN Registry of Space Objects.
Spacelawstation A site of resources relating to civil and commercial space law.
Space Tethers This site explores Single Stage To Tether – Airlaunch-Rocket-Tether technology and includes a Space Tethers Simulator with a Rocket Equation Applet.
Sven Grahn's Space Place A Swedish site on space history, radio tracking and technology.
Spacewarn (Launch Announcements)
Space Calendar Maintained by Ron Baalke at JPL.
Space Art
Mark Maxwell Space Concept Illustration Mark Maxwell, a long-time friend of the Space Frontier Foundation, is the space entrepreneurs' "secret weapon." He has done artwork for NASA, t/Space, Skycorp, LunaCorp, Orbital Recovery, CMU, and his illlustrations can bee seen in exhibitions and publications around the globe and on orbit.
One Planet One Planet, One People, One Universe.
Quent Cordair Fine Art Quent Cordair Fine Art features several works by space artists, such as Bryan Larsen's "Heroes", which was featured at an X-COR function at Mojave Spaceport, Sylvia Bokor's "Ascent of Man" and "Tomorrow Today", and the work of Brian Smith, who's specialty is space related pastel paintings.
Space Quotes
Great Aviation Quotes – Space Extensive space quotes from Dave English's Skygod.com.
Space Quotes What famous people (and some not famous) have said about why humankind must expand into space: To survive, To preserve Earth, To eliminate war, To grow, Time is running out..., To evolve, ...To achieve the goal visionaries have foreseen.
Space Humor
Earth Exploration Rover Mission A site by longtime Foundation friend Robert Zimmerman which parodies JPL's Mars Exploration Rover Mission site.
Klyde Morris Wes Oleszewski, pilot and artist, has produced his syndicated Klyde Morris comic strip for over 25 years. The strip takes a humorous looks at NASA, the FAA and aerospace politics.
The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. Our goals include protecting the Earth's fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space. Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System.

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The Frontier Enabling Test
Our definition of a "frontier enabling" technology or policy is one which has as its effect the acceleration of the creation of low cost access to the space frontier for private citizens and companies, enables or accelerates our use of space resources, and/or accelerates the rate at which wealth can be generated in space. In other words, is the project or policy going to provide a return on the national investment, if we define "return" to be the economically sustainable human habitation of space?

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