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The Foundation in the News
Space Frontier Foundation Leaders and Advocates are often quoted in the media and make appearances on television and radio news programs. CBS News, Space News, CNN, ABC News, USA Today, The LA Times, The Economist, The New York Times and the BBC are just a few news organizations who have come to the Foundation for information and opinion related to efforts to open the space frontier. Below is a sample of appearances of the Space Frontier Foundation in the news.
December 20, 2007 – Space.com's Brian Berger reports in his article, NASA Chief: Space Agency Will Abide by New COTS Restrictions, that "A $555 billion domestic spending bill...cuts about a third of the $236 million NASA had requested for the COTS program for 2008 and bars the space agency from making a new COTS award until it resolves its dispute with one of the two original COTS awardees, Rocketplane Kistler (RpK) of Oklahoma City." Foundation Chairman of the Board Bob Werb is quoted in the article: "COTS is the critical path to station utilization for Americans. It needs more money not less. If we aren't going to stimulate the creation of cheap access to station and aren't going to fund station utilization, we might as well just cancel the [international space station] now."

October 11, 2007 – Frank Morring, Jr. reports on AviationWeek.com about the Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) Report: "NSSO Backs Space Solar Power – Collecting solar power in space and beaming it back to Earth is a relatively near-term possibility that could solve strategic and tactical security problems for the U.S. and its deployed forces, the Pentagon's National Security Space Office (NSSO) says in a report issued Oct. 10."

Also commenting on the SBSP Report on
October 11, 2007,Brian Berger of Space.com states in his article, Report Urges U.S. to Pursue Space-Based Solar Power, that "The Space Frontier Foundation, an activist organization normally critical of government-led space programs, hosted the website used to collect input for the report."

And on
October 10, 2007, SpaceRef.com comments on the SBSP Study Report in it's article: New Space Solar Power Organization Announced. "The Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy Will Pursue Recommendations of New NSSO-Led Study – Study Concludes Space Solar Power Could Deliver Clean, Renewable Energy for Planet, But Requires a Coordinated National Program of Investment."

Click here for more links to the extensive press coverage of the SBSP Report.

September 19, 2007 – Space.com's Leonard David reports in his article, Space Based Solar Power Fuels Vision of Global Energy Security, that the deployment of space platforms that capture sunlight for beaming down electrical power to Earth is under review by the Pentagon. The article links to the Space Frontier Foundation sponsored open public discussion of space solar power at http://spacesolarpower.wordpress.com/.

August 2, 2007 – In an ABC News article entitled Accidents Won't Stop Private Space Industry's Push to Final Frontier, Michael Belfiore reports on the July 26th accident at Scaled Composites and quotes Foundation Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson's remarks from the Foundation news release on the event.

July 23, 2007 – Jeremy Singer's article on page 13 of the July 23rd issue of Space News, NSSO Turns to the Internet Community for Space Solar Power Study, extensively quotes Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin.
Click here to download a pdf of the article as it appears in Space News

July 21, 2007 – Melanie Hicken of The Washington Times reports in her article, Space-tour marketers see growth potential, on the Foundation's NewSpace 2007 conference and quotes Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin.

July 20, 2007 – Eliza Strickland's article on Wired.com, Scratch a Space Nut, Find a Starry-Eyed Hippie, reports on Overview Effect Day, the opening day of the Foundation's NewSpace 2007 conference, and quotes Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin.

January 24, 2007 – In the January/February issue of the Canadian magazine Engineering Dimensions, Foundation Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson is quoted by Michael Mastromatteo in his article, Whose rules? How much risk is too much when commerce meets new technology and uncharted territory? Will engineers, committed to the public interest, and space entrepreneurs, committed to the bottom line, be at odds in the “New Space”?
Click here to download a pdf of the article as it appears in Engineering Dimensions.

January 22, 2007 – In the January issue of Reason Magazine, Katherine Mangu-Ward reports on the Space Frontier Foundation's most recent annual conference, NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas. Her article, Space Travel for Fun and Profit – The private space industry soars higher by lowering its sights, quotes Foundation officers Kevin Greene, Rick Tumlinson and Jeff Krukin. It is also an extensive report on the NewSpace industry.

January 17, 2007 – Rob Wilson of OutoftheCradle.net has posted part one of his audio interview with Jeff Krukin, the Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation, a longtime space advocate, and an international speaker. In a first for Out of the Cradle, this interview is delivered as audio. Click below to listen to Jeff Krukin, Space Frontier Foundation (part 1).

December 4, 2006 – In Aviation Week & Space Technology (12/4/06, pg 17) the Foundation is mentioned in the article, In Orbit - Supporters Rally to Beleaguered NASA Prize Program, edited by Jefferson Morris. From the article: Supporters are calling on Congress to preserve Fiscal 2007 funding for NASA's Centennial Challenges prize program. "Centennial Challenges is currently returning highly leveraged and efficient research, development and engineering benefits to NASA at extremely low costs, and stands ready to accomplish even loftier goals if given additional funding," the Space Frontier Foundation says. Although House lawmakers have supported the effort thus far, Senate appropriators have now zeroed funding for the program two years in a row, complaining that it doesn't give them enough oversight of NASA's spending. The Senate position was adopted for FY '06, but the program survived on leftover FY '05 funds. Both houses have yet to sit down together and hammer out a final FY '07 budget for NASA, but if the Senate once again carries the day, NASA says it will continue to support the program. Patterned after the successful X Prize and early 20th century aviation competitions, Centennial Challenges offers annual prizes for technology innovations that serve NASA's goals. The program's budget represents less than 1/20th of 1% of NASA's total annual funding, according to the Space Frontier Foundation. NASA has supported seven prize competition areas through Centennial Challenges so far, including beamed power, tether materials, technologies for exploiting lunar resources and a lunar lander challenge.

November 9, 2006 – NASA's Langley Research Center's feature, Former LARSS Student In New 'Teachers In Space' Initiative, reports: Megan Seals wanted to be an elementary school teacher – on Earth. Now, Seals says she wants to take her teaching experience to the next level – outer space. And these days, she says, her dream isn't unobtainable. In 2004, Seals completed a summer internship here at NASA's Langley Research Center. Seals was a LARSS student in the DEVELOP program.

November 2, 2006 – Heather Bowser of the Daily News Record reports on the Teachers in Space project in her article To Infinity And Beyond – JMU Grad Student Is Youngest Official In New ‘Teachers In Space’ Initiative. Megan Seals wanted to be an elementary school teacher on Earth. But last year, all that changed for the 22-year-old James Madison University graduate student. Seals recently became the youngest official with the Teachers in Space team, a privatized space-bound network based in Scottsdale, Ariz., and managed by the Space Frontier Foundation.

October 1, 2006 – Michael Y. Park of FoxNews.com quotes Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin in his article Celebrities Shoot for the Stars...Literally.

July 25, 2006 – John Roach of National Geographic News extensively quotes Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin in his article NASA Aims to Open Moon for Business, For-profit space business is "critical" to any moon-mission plans, according to NASA under the Bush Administration.

July 24, 2006 – Howard Fine of the Los Angeles Business journal quotes Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin in his article Shuttle Camera Brings Firm Into Focus.
or click here to download the article as a pdf.

July 24, 2006 – Leonard David of Space.com, in his article NASA Vision Plans Doomed, Space Advocacy Group, reports on the Foundation's current White Paper, Unaffordable and Unsustainable? Signs of Failure in NASA's Earth-to-orbit Space Transportation Strategy.

Also commenting on this White Paper...David Chandler of NewScientist.com, July 27, 2006:
NASA's plans could hurt Moon and Mars missions.

A month later the White Paper is still making news...Eric R. Hedman of The Space Review, August 28, 2006:
A drifting, blurring, and dimming Vision.

Click here for more links to the extensive press coverage of this White Paper.

June 23, 2006 – In his Cosmic Log, Alan Boyle of MSNBC.com writes in his article A Contest for Astropreneurs: "It may not be as heady as the X Prize, but the Space Frontier Foundation is planning what you might call the B Prize for space-related business plans. The payoff for the best pitch? Entrepreneurial glory ... plus a $1,000 poker chip, awarded by an investor at the foundation's annual conference in Las Vegas next month."

May 31, 2006 – David Shiffman of Duke University extensively references the Foundation in his article The Future of Humanity: Space Privatization for The Triple Helix. "The Space Frontier Foundation aims to transform space from a government-owned bureaucratic program into a dynamic and inclusive frontier open to all people. This NGO has long sought for fewer restrictions on private companies venturing into space, and claims that the privatization of space will improve all of humanity."

January 30, 2006 – Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin is a guest speaker at the founding of the World Space Center, a non-profit organization committed to promoting awareness of the new space age. Other speakers at the event in Raleigh North Carolina included Apollo 14's Dr. Edgar Mitchell, journalist Lloyd Dobyns, and actor Walter Koenig.
Click here to download a pdf of the announcement.
December 15, 2005 – In his article Space: A Moral Vacuum? for the Winter 2005 issue of Ad Astra magazine, Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin explores the challenges of maintaining civilization, and civility, as the human migration into space becomes permanent.
Click here to download a pdf of the article as it appears in Ad Astra.

November 8, 2005 – The University of Maryland's web article, Maryland-Led Deep Impact Wins Major Space Award reports: Deep Impact, the University of Maryland-led NASA mission that made history and worldwide headlines when it smashed into a comet this past July 4th, has won the Space Frontier Foundation's Vision to Reality award.

June 15, 2005 – The Christian Science Monitor quotes Foundation Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson in this article by Mark Sappenfield: NASA changes to run deep...The resignation of a key leader may offer a glimpse of the new administrator's plan for shakeup.

June 14, 2005 – The June 14, 2005 issue of The New York Times, an article in the Science section by John Schwartz entitled Thrillionaires: The New Space Capitalists quotes Space Frontier Foundation Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson and Advocate Charles Lurio as they discuss how the new entrepreneurial space race differs from the old government space race. As Tumlinson says, "It's about 'you can do it.'"

May 31, 2005 – In the May 26, 2005 issue of The Economist, Foundation Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson is quoted: According to Rick Tumlinson, Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation, a space advocacy group, the difference of emphasis between going to the Moon for its own sake, and using it as a stepping-stone, illustrates a wider problem for NASA, which is that people disagree about what the vision really means. Since it was announced, says Mr. Tumlinson, the vision has been an "all-spin zone".

April 1, 2005 – In a CNN.com article, Hubble Headed for 'Deorbit Only', author Leonard David of Space.com, writes: In a joint statement released this week, Mars Society president Robert Zubrin and Space Frontier Foundation Co-Founder, Rick Tumlinson, called upon NASA "to do what is necessary and mount a human mission to repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope." Rick Tumlinson is quoted further in the article.

February 3, 2005 – Foundation Advocate John Cserep is quoted by Bill Walker in an article for LewRockwell.com entitled New Worlds, Or New Moondoggle?
September 29, 2004 – A Bakersfield.com article, One down, one to go Pilot 'loved every second,' rolls and all, by Stephen Mayer for the Bakersfield Californian, quotes Foundation Co-Founder Rick Tumlinson in this article about the first X Prize flight.

May 28, 2004 – A MSNBC.com article, Private spaceships caught in political fog, by Alan Boyle, reports on HR 3752, and quotes Foundation Co-Founder Jim Muncy.

January 10, 2004 – A NYTimes.com article, For Space Glory, Reach for the Stars, Experts Say by William J. Broad, extensively quotes Foundation Founder Rick Tumlinson.
December 3, 2003 – Joe Gillin, Foundation Advocates Coordinator, has a letter printed in The Washington Times, in Letters To The Editor, in the Editorials/OpEd Section. His letter is entitled Blasting off the space policy. It is also online at:

July 14, 2003 – MSNBC.com's article, The Next Century of Spaceflight, What Giant Leaps Will Follow the Space Age's First Half-century? by Brian Berger of Space.com, quotes Foundation Executive Director Tony DeTora.

February 3, 2003 – OrlandoSentinel.com's REACTION article by Robert Johnson, Sentinel Staff Writer, Machines can do job, but it's not the same, quotes Foundation Founder Rick Tumlinson and Foundation Board Members Sam Coniglio and John Cserep:

January 15, 2003 – In an article entitled, New NASA Shuttle Program Doomed To Failure Warns Space Frontier Foundation, Spacedaily.com picked up on the Foundation's request that Congress halt NASA's plans for an Orbital Space Plane until they can figure out why such projects have a history of failure.
November 28, 2002 – A LA Times article by J. Michael Kennedy entitled San Diego, Russian Firms Shoot for the Moon in a Race to Profit in Space, talks about how TransOrbital's upcoming lunar flight aboard a former Russian nuclear missile launch rocket may open the floodgates to commercial settlement of the Moon. Includes comments on the subject by TransOrbital, LunaCorp, Lunar Embassy, and the Space Frontier Foundation.

July 23, 2002 – Space.com's Leonard David, Senior Space Writer, wrote a very good review of the Return to the Moon IV Conference entitled The United States Has Unfinished Business on the Moon.

July 23, 2002 – CNN.com has published an Associated Press article, Lunar enthusiasts promote Moon as first step to Mars, which reports on the Foundation's Return to the Moon IV Conference in Houston last week, and extensively quotes Foundation Founder Rick Tumlinson. A fine article.

June 12, 2002 – Maggie Shiels of the BBC reports on the Foundation's New Space Economy Symposium in her article, Money-men see space for profit: Scientists regard space as the final frontier, but for business people it could represent the next Industrial Revolution. That is the claim of the Space Frontier Foundation which says a cosmic payday awaits those with the vision and guts to invest.

March 15, 2002 – Foundation President Rick Tumlinson is quoted several times in Go Somewhere: Seven Ideas That Will Correct NASA's Trajectory and Get Americans To Love the Space Program Again. This Popular Science cover-story by science editor Dawn Stover is featured in the April 2002 issue of the magazine, and runs from pages 36 through 43.
November 16, 2001 – CNN.com's Sci-Tech writer Richard Stenger reports on the Clarke Gala: What could possibly bring creepy rocker Alice Cooper, Academy Award winner Tom Hanks and Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell together? A party for Sir Arthur C. Clarke, of course.

October 30, 2001 – A SpaceDaily article includes an enthusiastic endorsement of the Foundation message and a reference to Ben Bova's luncheon address at Space Frontier Conference 10. The author, Laura Woodmansee, is a member of the Steering Committee of Women of Space, and attended the conference as an organizer of the WOS session.

June 27, 2001 – CNN.com article: Space tourism solution for NASA budget woes?:
Richard Stenger, of CNN, reports on several prominent space tourism advocates, including Foundation President Rick Tumlinson, and their testimony to congressional leaders.

March 24, 2001 – CNN.com article Mir wreckage could wash up on islands:
Foundation Development Director James George is quoted in this article from Nadi, Fiji. He discusses the questionable value of debris from the de-orbited Mir Space Station.

March 23, 2001 – USA Today article Mir proved long-duration space flight is possible:
Foundation President Rick Tumlinson is quoted in this article on Russia's space abilities.
July 24, 2000 – Leonard David of Space.com writes about The Return to the Moon II Conference, which was presented by the Foundation on July 19th - 21, 2000 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
September 22, 1999 – ABCnews.com article: Hilton Looks to Space, Starting Feasibility Study:
Space Frontier Conference 9, and Dan Goldin's visit to the conference, is mentioned in this article about space commercialization.

September 2, 1999 – CNN.com In-Brief article: Foundation finances search for dangerous asteroids:
Article about the Foundation's first international financial grants. The Watch issued the grants to Professor Vladimir Shkodrov and Dr. Violeta Ivanova of the Institute of Astronomy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and to Dr. Petr Pravec of the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

May 31, 1999 – CNN.com article: Homebrew rocketeers race to be first in space:
"What we're trying to do is get your average folks out there involved in opening space," says Rick Tumlinson of the Foundation. "As far as we're concerned, space is a place, not a program."

March 1999 – Scientific American Presents Feature Article:
In Marc Alpert's article Making Money in Space, he mentions the Space Frontier Foundation and ProSpace: To stimulate extraterrestrial business activity, interest groups such as ProSpace and the Space Frontier Foundation have called for a rethinking of the government's role in space. They believe NASA should privatize the space shuttle and the International Space Station. The space agency, they argue, should buy launch services from competing companies rather than fund the development of a single vehicle. Rick Tumlinson, the president of the Space Frontier Foundation, says NASA should focus on the exploration of the solar system and leave its operations in low-Earth orbit to the private sector. "NASA astronauts shouldn't be driving the space trucks," he remarks. "They should be going to Mars!"

The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. Our goals include protecting the Earth's fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space. Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System.

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