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The Watch Council

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The Watch Council is intended to become the world's most important body of expertise in the areas listed. The goal for the group is to influence the perceptions of the public and policy makers when discussing NEOs, the levels and type of support required when applying government funds to NEO investigations, and to act as an independent voice in upcoming debates on their exploration and utilization.

To that end, we have begun assembling a Blue Ribbon team of exactly those people now seen as leaders in this field. Since we are planning to advise both media and governments, we have focused our membership on those not employed by governments. Although we recognize that several of the world's top participants in the field are thus excluded from formal participation, we intend on working closely and consulting often with these important members of the community.

To date the members of The Watch Council are:

Dr. Tom Gehrels: Professor of Planetary Sciences at the University of Arizona. Is the father and leader of the Spacewatch asteroid search program, which pioneered the use of CCD imaging and real time computer analysis to increase discovery rates of NEOs.

Dr. Eleanor Helin: Renowned astronomer affiliated with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and for many years a pioneer in the discovery of NEOs.

Dr. John Lewis: Professor of Planetary Sciences and Co-Director of the Space Engineering Research Center at the University of Arizona. Author of 150 research publications as well as the popular science books, "Rain of Iron & Ice" and "Mining The Sky."

Asteroid miner artwork courtesy NASA.

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