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NEOs in the News
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Below are links to web articles and news items which contain information about Near Earth Objects and the effort to learn more about them. These articles are recommended by the Space Frontier Foundation's Asteroid and Comet Detection and Research Project, The Watch. All material is copyright by the material owners. The Space Frontier Foundation is a media and policy organization dedicated to the human settlement of space in our lifetime.
Links to News Items About NEOs
07.13.04 Defense against asteroids begins study
A report by Robert Roy Britt of Space.com on CNN.com
A mission ('Don Quijote') to smash into a space rock to deflect it and study its structure has been given priority over five other potential asteroid projects by the European Space Agency.
06.13.04 Space rock smashes into NZ home
A report from BBCnews.com
A grapefruit-sized meteorite has crashed through the roof of a house in Auckland, New Zealand.
06.03.04 Meteor flashes across Northwest sky
An AP report on CNN.com
A meteor about the size of a computer monitor flashed across the U.S. Northwest sky, setting off booms that stunned witnesses.
05.31.04 Dino impact gave Earth the chill
A report from BBCnews.com
Evidence has been found for a global winter following the asteroid impact that is thought to have killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Rocks in Tunisia reveal microscopic cold-water creatures invaded a warm sea just after the space rock struck Earth.
05.21.04 Asteroid eaters: Robots to hunt space rocks
A report by Tariq Malik of SPACE.com on CNN.com
A swarm of nuclear-powered robots could drill into an asteroid and hurl chunks of it into space with enough force to gradually push it into a non-Earth impacting course.
05.19.04 NASA Lab Processes, Stores Meteorites
An Associated Press article on ABCnews.com
NASA's Johnson Space Center Processes and Stores Thousands of Meteorites.
05.14.04 Scientists Say Crater Is Result of a Killer Meteor
By Kenneth Chang, New York Times
A buried geological formation off the northwest coast of Australia, long thought to be remnants of an old volcano, is actually a 125-mile-wide crater formed by a devastating meteor strike 251 million years ago that caused the largest mass extinction in the Earth's history.
01.30.04 Man Discovers Asteroid in Internet Photo
An Associated Press article on ABCnews.com
Volunteer Discovers Asteroid in Online Photo Via University of Arizona 'Spacewatch' Program...A volunteer in an astronomy project scrolled through thousands of telescope images on the Internet and discovered an asteroid by noticing its telltale streaks.
01.06.04 The Calm After the Cometary Storm
JPL's news release regarding the Stardust craft fly by of Comet Wild 2.
"On January 2, comet Wild 2 gave up its particles but it did not do so without a fight," said Stardust Project Manager Tom Duxbury of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.
01.05.04 Hundreds report seeing fireballs fall from sky in Spain
A Reuters article on CNN.com
Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing fireballs cross the skies of northern Spain on Sunday in what authorities said may have been a disintegrating meteorite, Spanish radio said.
08.02.01 Summer Meteor Spotlights Hunt for Killer Asteroids
By David Morgan, Reuters
The scene of a fiery meteor streaking across the daytime skies of the northeastern United States this summer gave a once-in-a-lifetime thrill to those lucky enough to witness it. But one day, scientists warn, a similar celestial display over a highly populated region of Earth could be a harbinger of death and devastation for millions on the ground, if the meteor happens to be an asteroid as small as 99 feet in diameter.
11.01.00 "Target Earth" Released
November 1, 2000 – Duncan Steel, one of the foremost astronomers on the planet, has just released Target Earth, an exceptional full color book about the impact problem. We recommend to everyone who is interested in this subject to go out and acquire a copy of this book (Time Life ISBN 0-7624-0298-5).
Order Target Earth from Amazon.com.

Artwork of an asteroid probe by Pat Rawlings, courtesy NASA.
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