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Beringer Crater, Arizona
Below are reprinted web articles, news items and notices of events that relate to Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and the effort to learn more about them. The Space Frontier Foundation's Asteroid and Comet Detection and Research Project, The Watch, is trying to raise awareness of the perils, and opportunities, posed by NEOs. All material is copyright by the material owners. The Space Frontier Foundation is a media and policy organization dedicated to the human settlement of space in our lifetime.
News Archives
01.02.04 Meteorite Hits Iran
02.04.03 NASA Should Lead More Focused Program to Reduce Threat from Hazardous Asteroids
11.04.01 Meteor Clue to End of Middle East Civilizations
11.02.01 Asteroids Named in Memory of September 11 Terrorist Victims
10.19.01 Asteroid Discoveries May Outpace Ability to Assess Threat to Earth
09.28.01 Spaceguard UK Opens Observatory
08.20.01 British National Space Center (BNSC) Releases Sow for Near Earth Object (NEO) Information Center
08.15.01 Worlds in Collision: U.S. Researchers Simulate Moon-Forming Impact
08.13.01 Did Asteroid Help Dinosaurs Rule Earth?
08.03.01 Northeast Fireball Pinpointed
05.29.01 Military Warning System Also Tracks Bomb-Size Meteors
05.24.01 NASA Gives Go-Ahead to Build Deep Impact Spacecraft
05.10.01 Collapse of Simple Life Forms Linked to Mass Extinction 200 Million Years Ago
05.08.01 Scientist Seek Impact Protocol
02.22.01 Asteroid or Comet Triggered Largest Mass Extinction in Earth's History, Foreshadowing Fate of Dinosaurs
12.31.00 UK Government Expected to Approve Construction of NEO Telescope
12.29.00 A Letter from David Morrison
12.01.00 Panspermia Causing Trouble?
11.10.00 An Interview With Sir Crispin Ticekell About the UK NEO Taskforce
09.16.00 International Conference on Space Protection of the Earth

Events Archive
Oct 3, 2002 U.S.House of Representatives Hearing on Threat of Near Earth Asteroids
Jul 29-Aug 2, 2002 Asteroids, Comets, Meteors – ACM 2002
Oct 23-26, 2001 International NEO Workshop
Oct 09-12, 2001 Ceres 2001 Workshop
Jun 17-25, 2001 The Physical Properties of Earth Impactors: Know Your Enemy
Jun 11-16, 2001 Asteroids 2001, From Piazzi to the 3rd Millennium
March 5, 2001 Griffith Observatory Presentation: Asteroids,Threat or Promise

Photo of Barringer Crater, Arizona, by Sandy Clark, courtesy Mark Maxwell.

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