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A Letter to the New York Times
July 4, 2005
NASA Helps Make Another Successful Leap for Mankind

Temple I impact
The people at NASA, our government leaders, and all taxpayers who paid the bill can be proud of NASA's successful effort to make this emerging era of space travel safer and more profitable.

NASA took aim at Comet Tempel 1 that was over 80 million miles away, traveling at more than 25,000 miles per hour, and hit it! This is an another essential step to protect our world from surprise impacts by any one of the thousands of undetected Near Earth Objects (comets and asteroids) that are larger than 100 meters in diameter. The success of the "Deep Impact" Mission helps leaders responsible for our defense prepare for the day when an asteroid or comet is found on a collision course with our home planet.

Near Earth Objects contain resources valuable to our species as we enter this new era of space travel and exploration. Comets contain water that is so very essential to future space travelers. Many asteroids contain precious metals like platinum, as well as nickel, iron and other useful materials.

We congratulate NASA and all the citizens of the USA who made the Deep Impact Mission possible. We are at the edge of a new frontier with opportunities that can stimulate our economy with new industries and challenge people to become even greater than they are now.

We at the Space Frontier Foundation thank every one of you.

Richard H. Haase

Project Manager, The Watch
Space Frontier Foundation

Photo of Tempel I impact, July 4, 2005, courtesy NASA.

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