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This election year, space happens to be at a critical juncture. The Space Shuttle is scheduled to be retired in a little over two years, after the construction of the International Space Station (ISS) has been completed. NASA is now designing new rockets and spacecraft to service the ISS, and then send U.S. astronauts back to the Moon for new explorations and, eventually, continuous habitation. The first human-carrying flight of the first of NASA's new rockets, the Ares 1, is not expected to occur until early 2015.

This program may or may not go forward, as planned or at all, and there will be considerable discussion (and many ideas) about what to do. In addition, recent developments in private-space travel hold potential to lower the cost and reliability of human space access systems.

This is a chance to hear from YOU, unfiltered and unvarnished, about this issue.

Our ulterior motive is encouraging a conversation, a debate, about an issue that matters personally to the individuals involved. We are not selling anything, this website will not carry any paid-for advertising, entrants' personal information will not be sold or provided to anyone. We are not trying to promote anything, except a conversation.

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