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Completed Project
Keep Mir Alive!
People from Around the World Comment About "Keep Mir Alive"
The comments below were sent into the Foundation's Keep Mir Alive survey during the campaign to save Mir.

Mir in orbit

I think it must be saved because it is the key of the future and we must keep it alive and I think that if she stays alive in the space we will discover new things about space.
Ziad Abed Al Rahman Zeidan, Lebanon

I think that it is the most stupid waste of a good craft that could be sent to park in Mars orbit, or, in between Earth and Mars as a relay point. Why not just fill it with dehydrated food and send it off on a slow trip to Mars?
John B. Goldmaker, Ontario, Canada

Un recordatorio de los frasasos y triunfos del hombre en el espacio.
Dolberth Davis, Honduras

The Mir space station is an expensive piece of equipment. Many people, many hours and a lot of government money has been spent, and to let it burn would be a waste. Although it would be difficult to reuse the vessel, but for the sake of money it would be worth it. Although that if it is possible to save this space station, to save money the government would try, as money is a country's best friend.
Rachel, Victoria, Australia

The MIR space station is a monument of the history of mankind. It was record setting, the greatest inheritance left to us by the Soviet Union. Destroying the station equals wiping out a concrete proof of man's will to exceed his borders. Mir also was, after the ASTP project the first step of international cooperation in space. The docking of the Atlantis with MIR, that was history. Peace, the literal translation of the word MIR. The MIR stands for peace in space, which was for decades the battlefield for the unarmed fight in the Cold War. MIR being a Soviet space station, having hosts of all nations, this is marvelous. I agree that this work will be continued in the ISS, that is why I do not necessarily claim MIR to be inhabited for all times, but is a sin to let a piece of human culture and history burn up in the atmosphere and drop somewhere into the ocean, especially for there is in fact a possibility to place the MIR in a high museum-orbit, where it can circle the earth!
Joseph Charbonier, Bavaria, Germany

The Soviet Union created MIR when the USA were still fearing for the Crews of what were called 'unrealistic' plans. But MIR has out lived even the Russians wildest dreams and it is a great showing of the Communists engineering and I must be used as a machine to teach future engineers to create greater space stations.
Francis Whitefoot, Wales

I know little about the scientific and economic consequences of preserving or destroying Mir. However Mir is a potent symbol of the late 20th century, with opportunity to be preserved for future generations. The ancient world was rich in its day, but now little remains for us now and scientists the grateful for rare events like the eruption of Vesuvius for what they preserve for us. Destroying Mir robs generations in the distant future of a treasure trove of human achievement and technology which may be one of few remaining legacies in two or three millennia time. it is not for me to comment if Mir should be kept 'alive' but in some distant orbit it could be kept preserved.
Tom Jones, Watford, England

The Mir is a monument of engineering, and must be kept in orbit as the Eiffel tower or pyramids of Egypt!! At least , give it a good death...send it to the sun or anywhere but not to earth! The Mir was born in space and should die there!!!
Leo Marzano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's outrageous that the U.S. and NASA are pressuring the Russians into destroying the Mir. What is their problem? Are petty ex-cold war jealousies at work here? (ie the U.S. failed to put up a Mir counterpart on their own). I say the Mir should at least be pushed into a higher orbit so that it can remain as a floating memorial. What's NASA going to suggest next? Burn down the Smithsonian because it's just full of old useless aeroplanes that can't be used anymore? History does count people! The Mir has been an outstanding success and when it's useful lifespan is over should be preserved.
Peter Ilic, NSW, Australia

I would like to see the Mir be upgraded and configured to link up with the New International Space Station. It could provide power, storage, and habitat for workers plus and additional layer of emergency life support. This is presumptive on Mir's physical condition being evaluated. If the two systems cannot be mated safely then lets send Mir into an orbit around Mars. It could provide a transition for future missions to Mars. Additionally it has remote monitoring capabilities and could provide good data on surface conditions.
Phillip C. Box, Denver, Colorado, USA

There is no reason that something that cost so much money to build should be destroyed. It can still be upgraded and can offer many advantages in the future that can bring in funding for its support.
Luis Alejandro Garcia, Caracas, Venezuela

It would be interesting if PARTS of Mir were used for historical purposes in the new international space station. I don't think these parts should be used in any functional manner, but we certainly shouldn't let Mir burn up in the atmosphere and destroy 14 years of history and accomplishments. Think how much it would mean to the former USSR if their pride and joy was used in some way in the new space station.

When buildings on Earth outlive their usefulness, some are torn down. However, many are simply updated (either on the inside or outside) and continue to serve a useful purpose. The same could be done with Mir. Discard pieces that are no longer useful (or safe, such as the solar cells), and use the other parts as reminders of the past.
Mikhail Robert Zolikoff, Michigan, USA

In a world that's dominated by America, we need an independent project that the Americans can't hijack and control. The Mir station can be a low cost means of gaining real experience in the difficulties of future space exploration such as manned expeditions to mars without American interference by delays, hype and downright opposition to the real business of exploration which is what we should be doing now. Worldwide, many are weary of American tyranny on Earth and in the future which is space exploration. I and many others should support this innovative, cheap and enterprising venture to keep Mir going. The NASA dominated station is a bloated, expensive useless cold war dinosaur designed to rope in all the worlds space programmes into one American controlled programme. The sooner it is canceled the better of we will all be, an upgraded Mir that's low cost can easily replace the U.S. controlled station and then with the funds saved we can push on to Mars which is where we should be heading for right now!.
Andrew Black, Tasmania, Australia

Spacelab was destroyed, now they want Mir to follow! Why waste these resources when these could be the embryo for the International Space Station? It can release other funds for other space projects.
Rene Gonzales Abad, Camiling, Phillipines

Are we drowning in Americanism? The MIR is not junk – it works and is maintainable. Here is another first for the Russians – the first world's first opportunity to try commercialization of space stations and travel! What about longevity testing in space? Watch the sci-fi movie Solaris and think about the future of space; but, lots of Americans don't believe in genetic evolution or genetics experiments. Let's work together and try to get public support for space commercialization! Use MIR to study agricultural remote sensing and genetic engineering.
Michael L. Churkin, California, USA
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