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Space Frontier Foundation Supports U.S. New Year's Eve Launch of "The Planets"

New Year's Eve - The Big Bang!
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Laguna Beach, CA, December 14, 2005 – This New Year's Eve be at the Hottest Party in Southern California for the U.S. launch party of Australian artist Matthew Joscelyne's latest work THE PLANETS.

Famed Australian artist Matthew Joscelyne has joined forces with Seven Degrees <http://www.seven-degrees.com/>, to throw a stunning New Years Eve party. The party this December 31st will offer spectacular entertainment to celebrate Joscelyne's upcoming Pacific coast planet illumination. This U.S. stop is part of his global tour. At midnight a sneak peak lighting of one planet will occur.

Joscelyne's art is designed to represent one planet, one people, one universe, <http://www.1-planet.org/> which Joscelyne believes to be a very important message. Joscelyne's illumination project is 9 planets, the Sun and the Moon. These 11 giant illuminated inflated lanterns are set to sit on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in 2007. “I am excited to be able to give people a look at what will line the Laguna Beach shores a year in advance, the next year presents a lot of work to get the installation completed,” describes Joscelyne, “But on New Year's it's all about this party, that will be on the tips of tongues for years to come.”

The finished 11 planet illumination will be open to the public on New Year's Eve 2006 and will line the Pacific shores for three weeks. “The midnight lighting of one planet will mark the one year to go and will give me a chance to show the public the amazing spectacle to come,” says Joscelyne.

The party will be held at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach. Seven Degrees was developed as a forward thinking, multi purpose “idea lab” for the promotion of artistic endeavor, invention and exhibition. The facility's primary goal is to incorporate the creation and exhibition of original artwork and concepts with an innovative events venue. “One cannot help but be affected by the synergetic environment at Seven Degrees. Our award winning architecture, with its granite glass and angles, meld beautifully with the surrounding environs of Laguna Canyon, aesthetically joining the form and beauty of nature with the function and beauty of design,” describes Seven Degrees.

Besides the midnight planet illumination, entertainment will include a light show, March Fourth Marching Band <http://www.marchfourthmarchingband.com/>, Burning Man People, cash bar, 2 DJ's and a count down show. Tickets for this spectacular event are $75 and will be used as a donation to the illumination project.

Seven Degrees doors will open at 7pm and tickets will be available at the door or online at lagunaplayhouse.com.

On December 31, 2005: One Planet, One People, One Universe.

http://www.1-planet.org/ – the artist

http://www.seven-degrees.com/ – location

http://www.lagunaplayhouse.com/ or 1-949-497-2787, ext.1 – tickets

http://www.marchfourthmarchingband.com/ – entertainment

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