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Books recommended by the Foundation:

DeGroot examines the dark side of the race to the Moon which he asserts brought few dividends.

Fly Me to the Moon by Edward Belbruno – Belbruno has discovered trajectories between celestial bodies that make use of both chaos theory and gravitational forces, and enable space travel with a fraction of the fuel normally used.

New Space News
News from the Front
Issue #35, May 1, 2008 © 2005 - 2008 Space Frontier Foundation
Editor – James Pura - james.pura@spacefrontierfoundation.org
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The Cape Gets a Facelift
Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral is undergoing serious changes to make way for Falcons and Dragons. Justin Ray at Spaceflight Now

Rocket Racers Take Flight
The Rocket Racing League has announced the schedule for their first exhibition races, coming soon to a patch of sky near you.
Alan Boyle at Cosmic Log

Garvey Heats Up
New on the NewSpace scene, Garvey Spacecraft Corporation proves they can shoot a 10-foot methane flame that will rival the best. Press Release at Garvey Spacecraft

The Golden Ticket
ATK Launch Systems has announced their plans to make Ares-I a commercial launch services provider at a price yet to be determined. Frank Morning, Jr. at Aviation Week

Space Show Highlights
Dr. James Wertz, George Whitesides, Dr. Dennis Bushnell, and Peter Kokh discuss their respective NewSpace initiatives with David Livingston on The Space Show.
SpaceX Wins NASA
Space Exploration Technologies has just signed a contract with NASA to launch through 2012. Press Release at SpaceX

April Fools!
Virgin Galactic and Google play tricks on Mars hopefuls with a '100 year plan' to settle the Red Planet. Press Release at Google Inc

YES to Spaceport America
The final county needed to make Spaceport America a reality has passed a law allowing for a tax increase over the next 20 years. Jose Medina at Sun News
Another First for Virgin
The first ever wedding in space, where both the bride and groom are wed in zero gravity, might be aboard a Virgin Galactic flight. David Shiga at New Scientist

The 2008 Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (RASTE) May 19-23 in Dayton, Ohio at the Crowne Plaza Hotel brings key members of the space community together providing opportunity to share, exchange and transition technology to be used in the next generation space launch vehicles. RASTE
Flying Armadillos
Armadillo Aerospace answers the call for an update, and delivers with interest – methane engines, whole units for sale, and future projections. News at Armadillo Aerospace

Double-Digit Growth
The Space Foundation has released a report revealing a $251 billion global space economy and 11% growth for 2007. Press Release at The Space Foundation

The Russians Are Coming
NASA Ames Director Dr. S. Pete Worden discusses the ultimate success of Yuri's Night, Google, and more. Daniel Terdiman at C-Net News

RLV Progress
Private entrepreneurial companies donít have to go it alone anymore- which may come as a mixed blessing. News Release at Orion Propulsion

ISDC 2008
The theme for ISDC 2008 in Washington, D.C., May 29 - June 1 2008 is "The New Pace of Space." Space Investment Summit 4 will take place as a pre-conference event on May 28. ISDC 2008

88 NewSpace Companies and Organizations
Note: this is an informal list, meaning the only requirement to be here is an active website. If you see an error, or wish to add a company or organization, please inform us by using our Comments page. Ultimately, the power of the marketplace will determine who remains listed.
4Frontiers Corporation
62 Mile Club
Alien Landscapes
Airlaunch LLC
Andrews Space
Armadillo Aerospace
Apogee Books
Benson Space Company
Bigelow Aerospace
Blue Origin
Canadian Arrow
Constellation Services International
Da Vinci Project
Difinity, Inc.
Digital Globe
E' Prime Aerospace
Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation
Epsori Space Systems Inc.
Forever Bound
Garvey Spacecraft
High Altitude Research
HMX Inc.
Interorbital Systems
Institute for Space Law and Policy
IPX Entertainment
JP Aerospace
Kelly Space
LiftPort Group
Lunar Enterprise
Lunar Resources
Lunar Transportation
Masten Space Systems
Microcosm, Inc.
Odyssey Moon Limited
Orbital Commerce Project
Orbital Outfitters
Orbital Recovery
Orion Propulsion
Paragon Space Development Corp.
Rocket Lab Ltd.
Rocketplane Ltd.
Scaled Composites
Space Access Society
Space Adventures
Space Angels Network, LLC
Space Channel
Space Frontier Foundation
Space Island Group
Space Propulsion Systems
Space Resources, Inc.
Spaceport Systems
Space Settlement Institute
Space Studies Institute
The Spaceship Company
Space Tourism Society
Sprague Astronautics
Tethers Unlimited
TGV Rockets
TransLunar Research
Universal Space Lines
Universal Space Network
UP Aerospace
Virgin Galactic
WonderWorks Inc.
XCOR Aerospace
X Prize Foundation
X-Rocket, LLC
Zero-G Corporation
Past Issues of NewSpace News
NewSpace News #34 April 1, 2008 – Items include Clarke Reaches His Odyssey, Flight of the Lynx, Three Falcons At Once, RIP-On the Moon, Race to Space, Space Entrepreneurialism Pays Off, Rocketship Pilots as Elevator Operators, Sales Without a Ship, Cooperation Among Rivals, Space Show Highlights and more.
NewSpace News #33 March 4, 2008 – Items include The New Space Age, Zero G, Zero Tax, COTS Fully Funded, Burt Says NO!, Expensive Insurance, SpaceShipThree, How to Train an Astronaut, Virgin Space Science, The Aerospace Business Park, The Cosmos Review, Space Show Highlights and more.
NewSpace News #32 February 4, 2008 – Items include Year of the Spaceship, Suited for Space, Zero-G Gets a Boost, Real-Estate Boom?, Fashion in Zero Gravity Big, Two Falcons At Once, Lawsuit No More, Eerily Familiar, Space Show Highlights and more.
NewSpace News #31 January 1, 2008 – Items include 2nd Generation Space Explorer, New Engine Unveiled, Congress Guts COTS, SBSP Recognition, The Ultimate Extreme Sport, Elon's Latest, FredNET Goes Lunar, Space Elevator "Visions of the Future", Spacehab Goes for COTS, SpaceDev Lunar Lander, ITAR Relief? and more.
NewSpace News #30 December 1, 2007 – Items include Space Entrepreneurship, Private Lunar Odyssey, Bigelow's Big Plan, A $3 Million Maybe, COTS Speculation, Enabling SBSP, Space Property Rights, Trans-Atlantic Challenge, Space Tripping, NewSpace "NetScape Moment", Masten Makes Improvements and more.
NewSpace News #29 November 15, 2007 – Items include Free-Fall Collection, Progress & Next Steps, Next Energy Frontier, A 'Big'elow Reward, Entrepreneurs Lookin' Up, NewSpace's Big Weekend, Space Fashions Gone Wild, Cosmic Luxury, Son of COTS, Orbital Support Fund, Rockets Instead of Wings and more.
NewSpace News #28 October 18, 2007 – Items include Power of the Sun, A Green Sun, Ultima Vacation, Orbiting Pharma Lab, The Granddaddy of Space Colonization, Rocket-maker SpaceX Makes Some Noise In McGregor, Tiny New Engine, Space: It's Closer Than You Think, LA Teachers Fly Weightless, The Pulse of Personal Spaceflight and more.
NewSpace News #27 September 28, 2007 – Items include Teachers in Space, Roaring Rockets in New Mexico, Google Searching for a Lunar X-plorer, NCSoft to Send American Employee to Space, Shooting for the Moon, The V Prize, Gift from the Sun, Space Business for the Common Man, Space Dev on the Move, Ups & Downs of the Frontier, The O Prize and more.
NewSpace News #26 August 1, 2007 – Items include Scaled for Sale, Prices Keep on Climbing, Space-based Solar Power for Uncle Sam?, Elevator Games Aim High, Scurrying Forward, Tragedy in the New Space race, The State of the RLV Industry, NewSpace for a New President, Rocketeers Released, Space Show Highlights and more.
NewSpace News #25 July 10, 2007 – Items include Genesis II, Space-based Solar Power blog, Boot Camp For Rocketeers, Amateur Future of Space Travel, European Space Plane For Tourist Trade, Getting Into the Space Act, Armadillo Scaling Up, Up and Coming: Laramie Rose, Tourists Still Eager For Space Trips, TGV Rockets and more.
NewSpace News #24 June 1, 2007 – Items include Space Tourism Can Survive a Crash, Pixel's New Record, Chasing a New Dream, Glove Wins 200k Prize, Space Financing 101, In Thrust We Trust, NASA to Compete with Small Business?, Space Activists on YouTube, Investing in a Dream, and more.
NewSpace News #23 May 1, 2007 – Items include Scotty's' Final Farewell, New Mexico Votes Yes for Space, RpK to Service Kibo, SpaceX to Launch from Cape, How Safe is the NewSpace Race?, Charles Simonyi's Orbital Trek, Buzz's Raffle, Commercial Zero G for NASA?, Advertising, the Final Frontier, and more.
NewSpace News #22 April 1, 2007 – Items include Bigelow's Business Trajectory, Charles Simonyi's Trip to ISS, SpaceX Open for Business, RkP and NASA SpaceActing Together, Next Service Stop – 10,000 Miles?, Eyes on the Lunar Prize, Sharper Image's Latest Gadget, The Final Virtual Frontier, and more.
NewSpace News #21 March 1, 2007 – Items include Bigelow's Lunar Hotels, Rutan vs. Benson, PlanetSpace's Suborbital Travel Plan, Spaceliner Closer to Reality, COTS Reaches Milestones, Launching Love, ULA Talks Tourism, Sun Sets on Texan Spaceport, and more.
NewSpace News #20 February 1, 2007 – Items include Blue Origin's First Flight, Robot Subs in Space, Sam Dinkin's FreeSpaceShot.com, Comments by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin to the World Economic Forum, South Korea Joins the Space Club, and more.
NewSpace News #19 January 1, 2007 – Items include Orbital Outfitters, NASA and the Web Generation, Marines in Space, Space Tourism Handbook, Bigelow's Bingo, Ranch-Style Spaceport, Dream Chaser's Countdown, Space Show Highlights, The Astronaut Farmer, and more.
NewSpace News #18 December 1, 2006 – Items include NASA's Centennial Challenges, Anousheh Ansari's support of Teachers in Space, Blue Origins' Test Launch, an interview with Armadillo's John Carmack, Virgin Galactic considers Stephen Hawking for a sub-orbital flight, and more.
NewSpace News #17 November 1, 2006 – Items include X Prize Cup events, the Future of Flight, the Next Space Tourist's Blog, Taking Spacefllight Into Our Own Hands, Inside SpaceShipTwo, The FAA and Commercial Space, Lockheed Martin and Bigelow, Rocket Racing League on TV, and more.
NewSpace News #16 October 1, 2006 – Items include Anousheh Ansari's Space Blog, The Rocket Racing League, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, Bigelow's Sundancer, Starchaser vs Branson, UP Aerospace Rebounding, ESA to Sponsor Space Tourism Work, Reaching for the Stars, and more.
NewSpace News #15 September 1, 2006 – Items include Anousheh Ansari's ISS trip, COTS Winners, Blue Origin gets FAA Green Light, The Poor Man's Satellite, SpaceX Gets NASA Backing, Foundationers on The Space Show, The New Space Race and more.
NewSpace News #14 August 1, 2006 – Items include Genesis I in Orbit, COTS, Talk About Unaffordable Unsustainable, Blue Origin, Inside the Spaceship Factory, Making Space Sexy, Pseudo Rocket City, Money in the Moon, Stupid Rocket Tricks, and more.
NewSpace News #13 July 1, 2006 – Items include Instant Winner Space Prize, Blue's Rocket Clues, Genesis 1 Delay, Hawking Says Humans Must Go Into Space, Clash of the Space Travel Titans, Ultimate Lifeboat, SpaceShipTwo Design Details Revealed, and more.
NewSpace News #12 June 1, 2006 – Items include Mergers in Private Space Travel, What Burt Would Do Different, Hairy Eyeball On Spaceports, ISDC, More Prizes! The Orbit Awards, Finalists for NASA's Private Space Race, X-Woman Trains For Space Trip, and more.
NewSpace News #11 May 1, 2006 – Items include All the Personal Spaceflight News That's Fit, Citizens for Space, Small Steps for NewSpace at Space Access, A NASA Flying Carpet Ride, Attention HobbySpace Shoppers, Spaceflight for People of All Means, and more.
NewSpace News #10 April 1, 2006 – Items include The Best Rocket Failure Ever, Space Hawks Chase Death Rays, Rocket Town News, Responsive Space, Up with Upham, 2020 Vacation Vision, the sad ending of ArabSat, Masten Space Blog, Keys to Space Gold, and more.
NewSpace News #9 March 1, 2006 – Items include The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Galaxy, Public Space Travel, French Kistler, SeaLaunch Afloat, Heinlein Prize, Vertical Drag Racing, SpaceX's Falcon 1, The Real Stairway to Space Heaven, Final Frontier Littered with Junk, and more.
NewSpace News #8 February 1, 2006 – Items include Up a Creek Without ORS, The Right $tuff, NASA Gags Top Scientist, Soyuz Booked Up, Spaceport Defended, The Entreprenauts, Rocketship Kazakh, NewSpace Cowboys, March Storm 2006, and more.
NewSpace News #7 January 1, 2006 – Items include RocketForge, Virgin Atlantic, COTS, Private Companies Compete for Moon Trips, Masten Space Systems, NASA Seeks Help from Private Rocketeers, XCOR, and Europe's first Galileo (Giove-A) launch success, and more.
NewSpace News #6 December 1, 2005 – Items include Space Calendar, the B612 Foundation, SpaceX's Falcon 1, Hayabusa collects asteroid samples, Masten Space Systems, Air Force General Pete Worden promotes space as a solution to Earth's biggest problems, and more.
NewSpace News #5 November 1, 2005 – Items include Space Shot, ACES and ISS Commerce, Armadillo Aerospace, Orbital Recovery, SpaceDev, Space Services Inc., Seeks Solar Weather Biz, Greg Olsen's Flight, Interorbital Systems, and more.
NewSpace News #4 October 1, 2005 – Items include IMAX's Magnificent Desolation, Space Films does a high-def commercial on the ISS for a Japanese client, New Mexico Spaceport Plans, John Herrington joins Rocketplane, author Ben Bova has an idea for saving the ISS, and more.
NewSpace News #3 September 1, 2005 – Items include XCOR, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipThree, FindMeaCrater.com, NASA Launches Startups for Ships, Orion Propulsion, views of opening the frontier by Elon Musk of SpaceX and SpaceDev's Jim Benson, Trip to ISS Helps Sell Jets, and more.
NewSpace News #2 August 1, 2005 – Items include Space Frontier Conference 14, a $100 million Lunar round trip offering, Ron Howard's Xquest, Honeymooners Sign Up for Virgin Space Quickie, The Institute for Space Law & Policy, and more.
NewSpace News #1 July 1, 2005 – The Space Frontier Foundation is proud to announce the first issue of its new monthly electronic newsletter. NewSpace News briefly summaries a dozen or so of the more relevant NewSpace stories of the past month and provides links to the original stories. So, if you want to know why Florida announced a weight loss program for 15 teachers, or what's with those guys sticking a rocket up a Lear Jet's tail, or why t/Space is throwing dummies out of airplanes, you should click the link above.
NewSpace News #0 June 1, 2005 – The prototype of NewSpace News, the Space Frontier Foundation's new monthly electronic newsletter. NewSpace News briefly summaries a dozen or so of the more relevant NewSpace stories of the past month and provides links to the original stories. Stories in the prototype include news about PlanetSpace, SpaceX's Falcon 1, a possible Boeing/Lockheed monopoly, Teachers in NewSpace, and Aera Corp, a new and mysterious NewSpace company.
The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. Our goals include protecting the Earth's fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space. Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System.

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The High Frontier is Gerard K. O'Neill's masterpiece. This new 3rd Edition Includes an introduction by Freeman Dyson.
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Our definition of a "frontier enabling" technology or policy is one which has as its effect the acceleration of the creation of low cost access to the space frontier for private citizens and companies, enables or accelerates our use of space resources, and/or accelerates the rate at which wealth can be generated in space. In other words, is the project or policy going to provide a return on the national investment, if we define "return" to be the economically sustainable human habitation of space?

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