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This book presents case studies in the history of all the major rockets built by the United States.

New Space News
News from the Front
Issue #13, July 1, 2006 © 2005 - 2008 Space Frontier Foundation
Chief Editor – William Watson - wwatson@spacefrontierfoundation.org
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Blue's Rocket Clues
More about Blue Origin's New Shepard comes to light in federal filing. Cosmic Log

Hawking Says Humans
Must Go Into Space
Smartest guy on Earth agrees with Foundation policy and Extraterrestrial Intelligence expert Seth Shostak agrees with Hawking. Space.com SETI Thursday

Clash of Space
Travel Titans
US-Russian team Space Adventures irritates US-UK team Virgin Galactic on home turf at UK Royal Aeronautical Society's space tourism conference. Flight Global

Sink the Space Station?
How to waste another place in space. Or not. New Improved Interactive Cosmic Log

Really Haute Couture
Misuzu Onuki, Asia Liaison for the Space Frontier Foundation and Rocketplane's Asian Business Representative, takes space fashion where Nomex has gone before. Space.com

Of Rockets and Diapers
Spaceflight participant Greg Olsen shares the experience, embarrassing details and all. CNET News

OK Spaceport OK'd
Burns Flat gets the paperwork done. New Space Race at MSNBC.com

Want it Rough
A Mars Society expedition will dare to endure four months of isolation in the frozen arctic waste. Fistfights predicted. Cosmic Log
Instant Winner
Space Prize
Future astropreneurs and wannabe entreprenauts are invited to pitch business plans at Space Frontier Foundation's NewSpace 2006. Cosmic Log

Spaceship Dreams
Get Real
Keeping tabs on the COTS contenders. Cosmic Log

Eat My Contrails!
Space Adventures' Eric Anderson says publicity-hungry billionaires are not the toughest competition. It's the people out there in the world who don't yet realize that space travel is possible for private citizens. Seed Magazine

Colorado Dreamin'
SpaceDev rolls out museum-quality mockup of DreamChaser for COTS
promotion in Boulder. Denver Post

Suborbital Ship
For space joyriders who want to see the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Alps, the UK, central Europe and the northern Mediterranean. FlightGlobal

Ready for the Masses?
Industry insiders say that recreational space travel may become reality as early as 2008, but is an orbital or suborbital journey affordable or even desirable? Jane's

Of Segways and
Space Value
More smelling salts from The Space Review in June: Of Segways and Space, What's the Value of Space?, SpaceShipOne plus two.

Exotic Transport
Demanding space tourists get new hope for interstellar travel options from serious scientists of new Tau Zero Foundation. RLV and Space Transport News
What's the Point
Rand Simberg says "a national debate to decide what we want to accomplish on the high frontier" is crucial, or else "we will continue to make little progress, at great cost, with our federal space program." National Review

Genesis 1 Delay
Bigelow Aerospace's inflatable space station demonstration slightly delayed, providing more time to check out the new web site. New Scientist

SpaceShipTwo Design
Details Revealed
Increased down range could enable landings at Roswell, and the seats will recline. Flight International

Destruction from Space!
Unwanted space visitor makes a big splash that gets a little smaller. Aftenposten- News from Norway

Doomsday Vault
In case of planetwide destruction, seeds and genes will be preserved in Norway's Arctic fortress of Biodiversity solitude. Terra Daily

Ultimate Lifeboat
Where to go in case of planet-wide disaster? A round-up of speculation on prime post-doomsday real estate. TCS Daily

Supercomputer Knows Best
How to save the Earth, in case we are interested. Space.com

Robo-Slave Games
If success at managing NASA prizes is any indicator, space elevators will be the first mass-market ride to space. Cosmic Log

Sizing UP
The Space Belt
Flying under amateur waiver and from an unlicensed spaceport, UP Aerospace will pave the way later this summer. Cosmic Log

71 NewSpace Companies and Organizations
Note: this is an informal list, meaning the only requirement to be here is an active website. If you see an error, or wish to add a company or organization, please inform us by using our Comments page. Ultimately, the power of the marketplace will determine who remains listed.
4Frontiers Corporation
Airlaunch LLC
Andrews Space
Armadillo Aerospace
Apogee Books
Bigelow Aerospace
Blue Origin
Canadian Arrow
Constellation Services International
Da Vinci Project
Difinity, Inc.
Digital Globe
E' Prime Aerospace
Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation
Epsori Space Systems Inc.
Forever Bound
Garvey Spacecraft
High Altitude Research
HMX Inc.
Interorbital Systems
Institute for Space Law and Policy
IPX Entertainment
JP Aerospace
Kelly Space
LiftPort Group
Lunar Enterprise
Lunar Resources
Lunar Transportation
Masten Space Systems
Microcosm, Inc.
Orbital Recovery
Orion Propulsion
Rocketplane Ltd.
Scaled Composites
Space Access Society
Space Adventures
Space Channel
Space Frontier Foundation
Space Propulsion Systems
Space Resources, Inc.
Spaceport Systems

Space Settlement Institute
The Spaceship Company
Space Tourism Society
Sprague Astronautics
Tethers Unlimited
TGV Rockets
Universal Space Lines
Universal Space Network
UP Aerospace
Virgin Galactic
XCOR Aerospace
X Prize Foundation
X-Rocket, LLC
Zero-G Corporation
Past Issues of NewSpace News
NewSpace News #12 June 1, 2006 – Items include Mergers in Private Space Travel, What Burt Would Do Different, Hairy Eyeball On Spaceports, ISDC, More Prizes! The Orbit Awards, Finalists for NASA's Private Space Race, X-Woman Trains For Space Trip, and more.
NewSpace News #11 May 1, 2006 – Items include All the Personal Spaceflight News That's Fit, Citizens for Space, Small Steps for NewSpace at Space Access, A NASA Flying Carpet Ride, Attention HobbySpace Shoppers, Spaceflight for People of All Means, and more.
NewSpace News #10 April 1, 2006 – Items include The Best Rocket Failure Ever, Space Hawks Chase Death Rays, Rocket Town News, Responsive Space, Up with Upham, 2020 Vacation Vision, the sad ending of ArabSat, Masten Space Blog, Keys to Space Gold, and more.
NewSpace News #9 March 1, 2006 – Items include The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Galaxy, Public Space Travel, French Kistler, SeaLaunch Afloat, Heinlein Prize, Vertical Drag Racing, SpaceX's Falcon 1, The Real Stairway to Space Heaven, Final Frontier Littered with Junk, and more.
NewSpace News #8 February 1, 2006 – Items include Up a Creek Without ORS, The Right $tuff, NASA Gags Top Scientist, Soyuz Booked Up, Spaceport Defended, The Entreprenauts, Rocketship Kazakh, NewSpace Cowboys, March Storm 2006, and more.
NewSpace News #7 January 1, 2006 – Items include RocketForge, Virgin Atlantic, COTS, Private Companies Compete for Moon Trips, Masten Space Systems, NASA Seeks Help from Private Rocketeers, XCOR, and Europe's first Galileo (Giove-A) launch success, and more.
NewSpace News #6 December 1, 2005 – Items include Space Calendar, the B612 Foundation, SpaceX's Falcon 1, Hayabusa collects asteroid samples, Masten Space Systems, Air Force General Pete Worden promotes space as a solution to Earth's biggest problems, and more.
NewSpace News #5 November 1, 2005 – Items include Space Shot, ACES and ISS Commerce, Armadillo Aerospace, Orbital Recovery, SpaceDev, Space Services Inc., Seeks Solar Weather Biz, Greg Olsen's Flight, Interorbital Systems, and more.
NewSpace News #4 October 1, 2005 – Items include IMAX's Magnificent Desolation, Space Films does a high-def commercial on the ISS for a Japanese client, New Mexico Spaceport Plans, John Herrington joins Rocketplane, author Ben Bova has an idea for saving the ISS, and more.
NewSpace News #3 September 1, 2005 – Items include XCOR, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipThree, FindMeaCrater.com, NASA Launches Startups for Ships, Orion Propulsion, views of opening the frontier by Elon Musk of SpaceX and SpaceDev's Jim Benson, Trip to ISS Helps Sell Jets, and more.
NewSpace News #2 August 1, 2005 – Items include Space Frontier Conference 14, a $100 million Lunar round trip offering, Ron Howard's Xquest, Honeymooners Sign Up for Virgin Space Quickie, The Institute for Space Law & Policy, and more.
NewSpace News #1 July 1, 2005 – The Space Frontier Foundation is proud to announce the first issue of its new monthly electronic newsletter. NewSpace News briefly summaries a dozen or so of the more relevant NewSpace stories of the past month and provides links to the original stories. So, if you want to know why Florida announced a weight loss program for 15 teachers, or what's with those guys sticking a rocket up a Lear Jet's tail, or why t/Space is throwing dummies out of airplanes, you should click the link above.
NewSpace News #0 June 1, 2005 – The prototype of NewSpace News, the Space Frontier Foundation's new monthly electronic newsletter. NewSpace News briefly summaries a dozen or so of the more relevant NewSpace stories of the past month and provides links to the original stories. Stories in the prototype include news about PlanetSpace, SpaceX's Falcon 1, a possible Boeing/Lockheed monopoly, Teachers in NewSpace, and Aera Corp, a new and mysterious NewSpace company.
The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. Our goals include protecting the Earth's fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space. Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System.

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The Frontier Enabling Test
Our definition of a "frontier enabling" technology or policy is one which has as its effect the acceleration of the creation of low cost access to the space frontier for private citizens and companies, enables or accelerates our use of space resources, and/or accelerates the rate at which wealth can be generated in space. In other words, is the project or policy going to provide a return on the national investment, if we define "return" to be the economically sustainable human habitation of space?

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