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Space Frontier Conference 9
Space Frontier Foundation
Space Frontier Conference 9: Odyssey's Horizon
Los Angeles, California October 19-22, 2000
THE place to be for anyone interested in space is Space Frontier Conference 9! This year's conference will feature the latest news about MirCorp and the world's FIRST commercial space station, the latest on the New Moon Race, a special session on space enrepreneurism, and Extreme Space, where $15,000 in grant money will be awarded to young space innovators.

Among our speakers and presenters will be Dennis Tito, scheduled to be MirCorp's first Citizen Explorer; CNN's Miles O'Brian; Mars experts Pascal Lee and Chris McKay, and a host of new launch vehicle developers, lunar explorers, businesspeople and visionaries working to open the Space Frontier.

New sessions at this year's conference include:

Entrepreneurial Space – a panel of investment professionals will discuss what it takes to put together a viable business plan - and then will offer feedback on selected business plans! After incorporating this feedback, the companies will then have a chance to present their plans to a wider audience of technology investors. Visit the Entrepreneurial Space page for additional info - including how to submit your business plan for consideration!

Extreme Space – The Call For Papers is out, and $15,000 in grant money from FINDS is waiting to be awarded! Extreme Space is looking for new, creative approaches to the obstacles to opening the space frontier and establishing permanent human settlemets in space from a new generation of visionaries. The Space Studies Institute is teaming with FINDS and the Space Frontier Foundation to host this event. Visit the Extreme Space page for rules and information on how to enter!

Click here for the Full Conference Agenda, and see what this year's conference has to offer!

Sponsoring Organizations:

Conference Sponsor:

RNR Ventures, LLC
RNR Ventures is a venture capital firm with its vision firmly on the future of business. Through RNR's involvement with several space companies, the firm is convinced that space represents the next big industry for investment and development.

Conference Co-Sponsors:

Celestis, Inc. is the world leader in post cremation memorial spaceflight. Since the company's first launch the cremains of nearly 100 people are in Earth orbit. Celestis has added to its market with the addition of the Lunar Service (orbit or surface), the Voyager Service (deep space) and Ad Astra radio message services. The next Celestis Earthview Service launch is scheduled for January 2001.

The California Space and Technology Alliance is officially designated by the state of California as The California Space Authority.

Constellation Services International, Inc. - The Future of Orbital Commerce

ProSpace - The Citizens' Space Lobby

Applied Space Resources - Developing the world's first commercial Lunar Mission.

Manhattan Beach MarriottHotel Information:
Manhattan Beach Marriott
1400 Parkview Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-3714
Phone: 310-546-7511, Fax: 310-546-7520
Located 3 miles south (10 minutes by car) from LAX. We have a special conference room rate of $99 per night -ask for the rate when you register.
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The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization dedicated to the human settlement of space in our lifetime. Our goals include protecting the Earth's fragile biosphere and creating a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the unlimited energy and material resources of space. Our purpose is to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System. We are transforming space from a government-owned program into a dynamic and inclusive frontier open to all people.

For more information call 800-78-SPACE (800-787-7223)
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