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Another Successful Space Event from the Space Frontier Foundation
Space Frontier Conference 8
Space Frontier Conference 8: "Launching the Space Millennium"
September 23-26, 1999, Los Angeles, California, Sheraton Gateway Hotel

The Honorable Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach, CA), Chairman of the House of Representatives Space Subcommittee, joined other featured speakers, including NASA's Administrator Daniel S. Goldin, noted science fiction author Ray Bradbury, Apollo 11 astronaut and space entrepreneur Buzz Aldrin, The SETI Institute's Dr. Jill Tarter and many other leaders of the entrepreneurial commercial space industry at one of the world's premier annual gatherings focused on space development and settlement.

Space Frontier Conference 8, was held September 23-26,1999, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel next to Los Angeles International Airport. The conference is a leading edge space event where entrepreneurs and government space policy makers meet and discuss exciting business alternatives that will ultimately throw open the doors for individuals to travel in space.

Every year the conference has been a meeting place for industry players to debate, partner and invest in new and opportunities for tomorrow. The conferences showcase commercial space enterprises and frontier enabling technologies. From Mars colonies to asteroid mining, space tourism to space power, each yearly space Frontier Conference is an event for anyone who wants to learn first-hand what our tomorrow in space will look like.

Space Frontier Conference 8 included full-day sessions on Cheap Access to Space, Near-Earth Asteroids, and Doing Business on Space Stations. There were half-day sessions on Space Tourism (Beyond the Horizon), Advanced Technologies and Breakthroughs, and The Moon, Mars, and the Far Frontier. In addition, there was an Art Show short hosted by the International Association of Astronomical Artists, and a Space Property Rights dinner show ("Get Off My Rock!").

Additionally, there was a special Friday night commemoration of the Apollo 12 mission and the life and accomplishments of its commander, the late Charles "Pete" Conrad (Captain, USN, Ret.). It was hosted by Richard F. "Dick" Gordon, Jr. (Captain, USN, Ret.), Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot.

During the Awards Banquet, The Sea Launch Team was given the Foundation's Vision to Reality award, the Service to the Frontier award was given to Dr. Alfred Differ, Advocate, Space Frontier Foundation, Kerinia Cusick received the ProSpace Activist of the Year award, and the Founders' Award was awarded posthumously to Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill, author of The High Frontier.

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