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U.S. Air Force Phillips Laboratory
SFC 6 is sponsored by the U.S. Air Force Phillips Laboratory and ProSpace.

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Another Successful Space Event from the Space Frontier Foundation
Space Frontier Conference 6
Buzz Aldrin at SFC 6 Pete Conrad speaking at SFC 6
Buzz Aldrin recalls Apollo 11 events at SFC 6.
Apollo 12's Pete Conrad speaking at SFC 6.
Space Frontier Conference 6, Space: Open for Business, was held at the Los Angeles Sheraton Gateway Hotel on November 7, 8 and 9, 1997. The Conference Manager was David Anderman, and the Conference Sponsors were the U.S. Air Force Phillips Laboratory and ProSpace. Speakers included Apollo Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Pete Conrad, Rotary Rocket's Gary Hudson, Mars Society's Robert Zubrin, Space Frontier Foundation President Rick Tumlinson, space experts Dr. John Lewis, Dr. Alan Binder, Henry Vanderbilt, Jess Sponable, Hank Murdock, Patrick Collins, Mitchell Burnside Clapp, George Friedman and Andrea Seastrand, space entrepreneurs Mike Kelley, Chan Tysor, Jim Dunstan and Jim Benson, and Foundation Advocates, Charles Miller, Margo Deckard, Mike Heney, Dave Brody, Jeff Krukin, Ben Muniz and Brook E. Mantia.

During the Awards Banquet, Celestis Corporation received the Vision to Reality Award, IMAX Corporation's L-5 City in Space was given the Vision of the Future Award, and Tom Rodgers received the Space Frontier Foundation's Founders' Award. ProSpace President Charles Miller presented the ProSpace Award to Foundation Advocate Mike Heney.
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