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Another Successful event from the Space Frontier Foundation!
Over the years, the annual Space Frontier Conference has earned a reputation for being the place serious space activists go to survey the horizon for what’s new, what's next, what lies beyond – the place where vision meets reality. The tradition continues this October 21- 23 in Los Angeles with SFC14: “The Next Space Age.”

The Next Space Age is underway.

The first generation of companies pursuing what has become known as alternative space, are operating and advancing. The landscape of civil space, the center of gravity for space development, the drive toward a working civilization in space, is no longer under government control. It has moved into the hands of private individuals. A new force has formed. A new dawn shines a fresh light.

Ambitious people, capital ready, acting on unique free market opportunities are the new prime movers. Through the proven process of free enterprise, the new alternative space companies are progressing rapidly. Extraordinary challenges are engaged because extraordinary rewards beckon.

While the picking of specific winners or losers appropriately yields to market forces, developing the people who go to space, recreate there, work there, and live there, is the core business of the Next Space Age. As space infrastructure develops, so too does the culture of 'space people', ensuring people ready to transition to space, as soon as it is available.

While honoring its past The Next Space Age breaks fresh ground. The bold explorers of the first age yield to the resolute entrepreneurs of today. The engines powering our accomplishments are now fueled by economic rewards, tolerance for risk and the aspirations of individual Americans. Space development is no longer a burden to taxpayers, resting instead on the backs of creative capitalists. No longer is a single vision sought, but rather the tried and true wisdom of competing visions in an open market.

Four Points Sheraton LAX Four Points Sheraton LAX Four Points Sheraton LAX
We'll be returning to the Four Points Sheraton Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport for SFC14 this year. Some of you might remember it from SFC12 a couple years ago.

Four Points Sheraton, 9750 Airport Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045
Reservations: 310-645-4600, Fax: 310-649-7047
For room reservations, call the hotel directly and mention the Space Frontier Foundation. Our room block will be held until September 30, 2005, so make your reservation today to get these great rates:
$82 per night for single/double occupancy/ $125 per night for a suite.
Among its many amenities, the hotel offers:
24-Hour Complimentary Airport Shuttle 24-Hour Room Service
24-Hour Business Center High Speed & Wi-Fi Internet Access
24-Hour Fitness Center Valet & Self-Parking

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