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Space Frontier Conference 13, 2004
Space Frontier Conference 13 Preliminary Agenda
Speakers and Session times subject to change.

Friday October 8, 2004
8:00 am Registration Opens
8:30 am Founder's Welcome – Rick Tumlinson
8:45 am Alt.Space Access Program – Henry Vanderbilt
The Space Frontier Foundation this year has invited Space Access Society to put together a mini version of SAS's annual "Space Access" conference for SFC 13's Friday Alt.Space Access program. Hosted by SAS's Henry Vanderbilt, the morning session will feature a cross-section of who's who in the emerging low-cost launch industry, presenting an intensive informal snapshot of where things are the last half of 2004 in this fast-moving new field.
8:50 am Chuck Lauer, Rocketplane Ltd
9:30 am Jared Smith, Andrews Space & Technology
10:10 am Break
10:25 am Jim Muncy, Polispace, on HR 3752 and Regulatory Matters
11:05 am Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace
12:00 pm Luncheon with a panel moderated by Rick Citron and composed of experts in the area of investing in the Alternative Space companies. Panel members:
Walt Anderson, CEO of Orbital Recovery, Founder of Gold and Appel
Guillermo Sohnlein, Founder of the International Association of Space Entrepreneurs
The Honorable Andrea Seastrand Executive Vice-President of the California Space Authority
John Spencer, Founder and President of the Space Tourism Society
Thomas Olson, CEO of the Colony Fund
1:45 pm Alt.Space Access Program – Henry Vanderbilt
Hosted by SAS's Henry Vanderbilt, the afternoon session, like the morning session, will feature a cross-section of who's who in the emerging low-cost launch industry, presenting an intensive informal snapshot of where things are the last half of 2004 in this fast-moving new field.
1:50 pm John Carmack, Armadillo Aerospace
2:30 pm Vladimir Syromiatnikov, Space Regatta Consortium, Korolev, Russia on Spacecraft of Capsule, Winged, and Hybrid Types
3:10 pm Break
3:25 pm John Powell, JP Aerospace
4:05 pm To Be Announced
5:00 pm End of Friday's Sessions
8:30 pm Space Party hosted by Space Week International and the Space Frontier Foundation with entertainment and dancing till late late late.

Saturday October 9, 2004
8:00 am Registration Opens
9:00 am John Spencer - Day Program Director - Welcome
9:05 am Rick Tumlinson - Foundation Founder - Introduction
9:15 am Session 1
Space Settlements - Jeff Krukin and Steve Wolfe
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Session 2
Alt.Space Companies - Introduction by Rick Tumlinson
10:45 am Dennis Wingo, Orbital Recovery
11:00 am David Anderman, Constellation Services, Inc.
11:15 am Bill Boland, NexSpace
12:00 pm Luncheon
Luncheon Speaker John Smart, futurist, President of The Institute for the Study of Accelerating Change
1:45 pm Session 3
The Space Experience - J. Spencer, Sims
2:00 pm Dr. Bill Gaubatz - The X Prize Cup
2:15 pm Pascal Lee, Ph.D., Founder, Mars Institute
2:30 pm Joe Landon - Yuri's Night and Space Generation updates
2:45 pm J.R. Horsting, interactive role playing Internet space games
3:00 pm Andre Bormanis - a lead writer for Star Trek - Enterprise, series
3:15 pm Break
3:30 pm Session 4 - The Space Frontier Vision - Bob Richards
4:00 pm Rick Tumlinson
5:00 pm End of Saturday's Sessions
6:00 pm Pre-Banquet Reception
7:30 pm Awards Banquet

Sunday October 10, 2004
8:00 am Registration Opens
9:30 am Session 1
A Journey Inward with Steven Wolfe
The Sunday morning program will begin with an open dialogue facilitated by Steven Wolfe that will explore the inner source of our driving desire for space. Through this guided communication, attendees will seek to access that subtle region of their being from which the passion for space exploration and settlement arises. If sincerely engaged in, this exercise will serve to strengthen the resolve to pursue and ultimately achieve our goals in space. To prepare for this session, read this article by Steven Wolfe:
11:00 am Elaine Walker will make a presentation regarding her experiences at the Mars Station on Devon Island.
12:00 pm Additional Sunday sessions will focus on leading edge ideas and culminate in a town hall meeting and workshop on how to expand and accelerate this important movement.

Space Frontier Conference 12
was held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Los Angeles, California on October 10 - 12, 2003. Click Below to See Photos from Space Frontier Conference 12, Alt.Space.
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