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Space Frontier Conference 13, 2004

Update, October 18, 2004: Space Frontier Conference 13 was a huge success! To view photos of SFC 13 by Foundation Advocate Sam Coniglio, go to http://www.samsphotography.net/SFC13/.
Queen Mary photos
The Space Frontier Foundation's thirteenth annual conference will be held on the historic HMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.
Highlighting a year full of major space news, the Space Frontier Foundation, America's leading edge space organization, will be holding its 13th annual conference, Space Frontier Conference 13, aboard the majestic Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach California, Columbus Day weekend, October 8-10, 2004.

The event, long a gathering place for the leaders of the Alternative Space movement, will highlight the incredible achievements of the new space pioneers who are building and flying a new generation of rocketships, while laying out a vision for America and the world that builds on recent announcements of a Return to the Moon and the human exploration of Mars.

This will be the conference of the year if you are at all interested or involved in today's next generation space program. This conference is where the who's who of what is to come will gather. It isn't a passive group of fans or academics giving boring lectures on someday dreams. The people who will attend come because they not only believe in opening the space frontier, but are doing so themselves.

The conference will begin with an all day session Friday co-hosted by the Space Access Society and featuring Alternative Space transportation firms, from grass roots X-Prize contenders to multi-million dollar launch companies. The day will be punctuated by a luncheon panel of financiers and investors who will discuss the ins and outs of money issues relating to space companies. Friday night a new generation will take the floor, literally, as the Queen's main hall is transformed into a space discotheque. The team that brought you Yuri's Night and other youth oriented space events will host the Foundation's first space party and dance.

Saturday's program includes a showcase of alternative space firms building space hotels and other new space businesses, to a discussion of Hollywood and media in space, to talks on how you can get into space yourself, and the big picture of where this is all leading – the human settlement of space. Saturday evening the Foundation will hold its annual awards banquet. A gala affair will honor those who have made real breakthroughs in the opening of space, presented a compelling future in the media and the people who have worked each day to make a difference. Sunday sessions will focus on leading edge ideas and culminate in a town hall meeting and workshop on how to expand and accelerate this important movement.

Following within days of Burt Rutan and other X-Prize flights, this conference is the place to be to hear the inside stories, meet the movers and hear about what is coming next on the space frontier!

Check out the SFC 13 Agenda and Speakers Bios.

Queen Mary photos
The HMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, provides luxurious meeting, dining and sleeping accommodations.
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When: Oct 8 thru Oct 10, 2004
Where: The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

The program will include Alternative Space Access, Space Tourism and Entrepreneurial Space Companies among others.

Package including all meals:
Classification Aug 1 Oct 1 After Oct 1
Member $ 215 $ 235 $ 255
Non-Member $ 250 $ 270 $ 290
Students/Speaker $ 190 $ 205 $ 220

Basic registration w/o meals:
Classification Aug 1 Oct 1 After Oct 1
Member $ 105 $ 125 $ 145
Non-Member $ 140 $ 160 $ 180
Student/Speaker $ 80 $ 95 $ 115

Meals: Lunch Banquet
Member $ 30 $ 80
Non-Member $ 35 $ 90
Student/Speaker $ 30 $ 70

We have reserved staterooms on the Queen Mary for $129. Be sure to mention The Space Frontier Foundation Conference to get this special rate.

The link for the Queen Mary is

This year the Space Frontier Foundation's grand annual Conference will be better than ever, celebrating the dream of opening the space frontier. From astronauts to astronomers, politicians to pundits, engineers to entrepreneurs, this will be the space event of the year.

Space Frontier Conference 12
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