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Space Frontier Conference 11 Photos

The Space Frontier Foundation presented Space Frontier Conference 11 in Scottsdale, AZ on September 12, 13 and 14, 2002. The photos presented here are courtesy of Conference Chairman Bill Boland. For more information on the conference, click here.

View from Millennium Resort
The view from the Millennium Resort.

SFC 11Group
L to R: Foundation Board member Al Differ, Advocates David Anderman and Natalie Vollrath, Board member John Cserep.

SFC 11 poster image
SFC 11 poster image.

Eastwood, Howington

Noteboom, Wooster, Pimenta
Mike Eastwood and David Howington.
Foundation Chairman of the Board Bob 'Boomer' Noteboom, Paul Wooster, Manny Pimenta.

The Dreaming Trees

Richard Godwin
The Dreaming Trees.
Foundation board member Richard Godwin raises a question during a discussion group.

New 2002 Advocates

Bob Werb
New 2002 Advocates inducted at the conference, Left to right: Jeff Greason, Rich Pournelle, John Hanks, Manny Pimenta, Dr. David Livingston.
Foundation Co-Founder Bob Werb at the podium during the Annual Awards Ceremony.

Jeff Greason of X-COR

The Millennium Resort

Jim Barbaro
Jeff Greason of XCOR and the EZ-Rocket Team receives the 2002 Vision to Reality Award.
The sun sets at the Millennium Resort.
Jim Barbaro.

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