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Books recommended by the Foundation:
In this volume of essays, edited by Foundation Founder Rick Tumlinson, the top experts behind the United States' renewed push to the Moon fuel a debate over lunar exploration.

DeGroot examines the dark side of the race to the Moon which he asserts brought few dividends.

Space: The Free Market Frontier by Edward L. Hudgens. Outer space will languish as an economic vacuum until private enterprise is given its head.

NewSpace 2007
Another Successful Event from the Space Frontier Foundation
Many Thanks to All Who Attended!

To obtain video recordings you may contact our videographer:
Joe Friendly at
The cost is $15 per panel or meal/keynote speaker.

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The Space Frontier Foundation will return to Washington, D.C. next year for its NewSpace 2008 conference, Thursday July 17 - Saturday July 19, at the Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, VA. If you missed NewSpace 2007, take a look at the conference agenda below to discover why Bob Richards, co-founder of the International Space University, said, "Guys, fantastic conference!... it's been great to see the Foundation grow over the years and reach the level of influence it has today... a perfect balance of professionalism with fun and frolic... congratulations!"

NewSpace 2007 Conference Chair: William Watson –
Overview Effect Day Manager: David Beaver – mindsmagic@nc.rr.com
NewSpace 2007 and Overview Effect Day Agenda
Click on each day to jump to the Agenda for that day:
Wednesday, July 18th: Overview Effect Day
Special guests include: Frank White, Edgar Mitchell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dave Brody

Thursday, July 19th: Commercial-Military Spaceplane Day
Special guests include: Gary Payton, Debra Facktor Lepore, Joseph Rouge, Mike Kelly

Friday, July 20th: Business Opportunities & Regulations
Special guests include: Thomas Boone Pickens, III, Jeff Greason, Esther Dyson,
Edward Morris, Patricia G. Smith

Saturday, July 21st: Opening the Space Frontier
Special guests include: Eric Anderson, Gary C. Hudson, Alex Tai, Dennis A. Stone,
Lt. Col. Michael "Coyote" Smith
. Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 – Overview Effect Day (separate registration)
Overview Effect Day is presented by The World Space Center, a collaborative project of a diverse and growing group of individuals and organizations. The goal of the center is to become the visible hub for all those interested in space in any community where it appears, beginning with the Greater Research Triangle area of North Carolina. World Space Center logo
Astronauts report that seeing the Earth from space creates
a powerful experience called the “Overview Effect”
"The Overview Effect is the experience of seeing the Earth from a distance, especially from orbit or the Moon, and realizing the inherent unity and oneness of everything on the planet. The Effect represents a shift in perception wherein the viewer moves from identification with parts of the Earth to identification with the whole system.” – Frank White, author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution.

Overview Effect Conference Goals – Examining how the impact of mass spaceflight and The Overview Effect will change our world:
Astronauts will describe the reality of The Overview Effect on their own lives.
Brain/mind scientists will examine the cognitive nature of The Effect and suggest how The Overview Effect is hidden from us by the inherent limitations of human perception.
Artists and simulation media experts will give powerful demonstrations of how New Media technologies and arts can communicate the Overview Effect to Earth-bound millions.
Cultural leaders and futurists will explore how the coming of mass space travel and the Overview Effect will soon affect every aspect of world culture.
The Entire Team will begin the creation of an Overview Organization that will continue these initiatives in research, public education and space media development.
Special Video Addresses and Interviews with:
Rusty Schweickart – The Apollo 9 astronaut, co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers, chairman and founder of the B612 Foundation, an international leader in the effort to develop systems to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts.
“Doc Searls” – Senior editor of Linux Journal, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of business as Usual. One of the world's most quoted bloggers and a fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for the Internet and Society.

Carter Emmart, Director of Astro-visualization at the Hayden Planetarium, will navigate and narrate a trip into space and a taste of the Overview Effect using the Hayden Planetarium's Uni-View Earth and Space Visualization Software shown here in Elumenati Incorporated's Dome Projection System. Elumenati visual

Overview Effect Day Creative Team:
David Beaver (Conference Creative Director) – Founder of the Magic Theatre Project. Inventor of the Magic Stage, a virtual reality theater technology.
Leila Stenberg – Publications specialist and international project coordinator for Schneider Electric. Editor of the forthcoming Overview Magazine.
Douglas Trumbull – Oscar winning special effects producer and film director.
Steven Zuckerman – Grammy winning music producer, event producer.

For sponsorship or exhibitor information for The Overview Effect Conference, contact:
David Beaver at
mindsmagic@nc.rr.com or 919.271.6605
Overview Effect Day Schedule:
7:30 am Registration Opens
8:00 am Opening Remarks
David Beaver
– Founder of the Magic Theatre Project; Creative Director, Overview Effect Conference
Jeff Krukin – Executive Director, Space Frontier Foundation
Rick Tumlinson – Founder, Space Frontier Foundation
8:30 am Keynote Address
Frank White
– Author, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution
9:00 am The Overview Effect
Edgar Mitchell
– Sixth man on the Moon; Founder, The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Additional Panelists:
Frank White
– Author, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution
Barbara Marx Hubbard – Associate of Buckminster Fuller, Founder of the Harvest Moon Project and 1984 Democratic nominee for U.S. Vice President
George Whitesides – President of the National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation Advocate
Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides – Founder, Space Generation Foundation; Executive Director, Yuri's Night
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:15 am The Science of The Overview Effect
Andrew Newberg
– Director, University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of The Mind and Spirituality; Author, Why We Believe What We Believe
Additional Panelists:
Edgar Mitchell
– Sixth man on the Moon; Founder, The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Doug Trumbull – Oscar winning Film and Visual Effects Director (2001, Close Encounters, Blade Runner, Silent Running, Brainstorm, etc.); Creator of the original “ride-film” (Back to the Future)
Frank White
– Author, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution
11:15 am Space Simulation and The Overview Effect
Dan Curry
– Seven time Emmy Award winning Visual Effects Producer/Supervisor, Star Trek Television shows and Feature Films
Carter Emmart – Director of Astro-visualization, Hayden Planetarium; Lead Developer, Uni-view Earth and Space visualization software
Doug Trumbull – Oscar winning Film and Visual Effects Director (2001, Close Encounters, Blade Runner, Silent Running, Brainstorm, etc.); Creator of the original “ride-film” (Back to the Future)
Additional Panelists:
Edgar Mitchell
– Sixth man on the Moon; Founder, The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Andrew Newberg – Director, University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of The Mind and Spirituality; Author, Why We Believe What We Believe
Frank White – Author, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution
12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm The Overview Effect and The Media
Dave Brody
– Executive Producer/Director of Media, Imaginova Corp. (Space.com)
Keith Ferrell – Editor, Omni Magazine; Internationally renowned writer on the psycho-social effects of technology
Steve Zuckerman – Grammy Award winning Music Producer; Founder, Global Entertainment and Media Summit
Additional Panelists:
Doug Trumbull
– Oscar winning Film and Visual Effects Director (2001, Close Encounters, Blade Runner, Silent Running, Brainstorm, etc.); Creator of the original “ride-film” (Back to the Future)
Frank White – Author, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution
3:15 pm Coffee Break
3:30 pm The Overview Effect and Society Panel
Barbara Marx Hubbard
– Associate of Buckminster Fuller, Founder of the Harvest Moon Project and 1984 Democratic nominee for U.S. Vice President
Frank White – Author, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution
5:00 pm Closing remarks
7:00 pm Overview Effect Dinner
8:00 pm Welcome Reception
. Thursday, July 19th, 2007 – Commercial-Military Spaceplane Day
Send questions on the Commercial-Military Spaceplane Day to spacepolicy@yahoo.com
8:00 am Registration Opens – Networking & Coffee
9:00 am Welcome Remarks
Jeff Krukin – Executive Director, Space Frontier Foundation
9:05 am Opening Remarks
Charles Miller – President, Space Policy Consulting, Inc.
9:15 am Keynote Address
Introductions: Bruce Thieman – Air Force Research Laboratory
Gary Payton – Deputy Undersecretary for Space, USAF
9:45 am U.S. Government's Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Access Plans & Programs
Joeseph D. Rouge (chair) – Associate Director, National Security Space Organization
Robert Hickman – Principal Scientist for Next Generation Launch Systems, Aerospace Corp.
Lt. Col. James Nugent – Deputy Division Chief, AFSC/A5 (Requirements)
Jess Sponable – Air Force Research Laboratory, FAST Program Manager
Bruce Thieman – Responsive Spacelift Capability Lead, AFRL
10:45 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Industry Discussion on Near-term ORS Access Approach
Bruce Thieman (chair)
– Responsive Spacelift Capability LeadLead, AFRL
Debra Facktor Lepore – President, AirLaunch LLC
Dennis Poulos – MilSpace Programs Business Area Lead, Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems
Lawrence H. Williams – Vice President for International and Government Affairs, SpaceX
Andrew Crocker – Director, Huntsville Operations, Andrews Space, Inc.
Discussion Questions:
• What should the United States invest in for ORS spacelift?
• What size payload should the initial systems be?
• What is the size of investment in the different approaches?
• What are the commercial applications?
12:00 pm Lunch
Ed Morris – Director, U.S. Department of Commerce's Office of Space Commercialization
1:30 pm Totally Reusable Spaceplanes: Military Uses & Commercial Markets for Strategic Dual-Use Technology
Charles Miller (chair) – President, Space Policy Consulting, Inc.
Lt. Col. Paul Damphousse – U.S. Marine Corps, SUSTAIN Program
Kevin F. Kelly – Vice President, Van Scoyoc Associates and Washington Counsel to Rocketplane Kistler
Michael S. Kelly – Chairman, FAA-AST's COMSTAC RLV Working Group, Founder, Kelly Space & Technology
Rand Simberg – President, Interglobal Spacelines
Col. Michael Coyote Smith – U.S. Air Force, National Security Space Office
Discussion Questions:
• What are the national security applications & benefits of reusable spaceplanes, beyond first-generation ORS access?
• Would a reusable spaceplane address China’s ASAT capability?
• Are spaceplanes a stabilizing deterrent to a space Pearl Harbor in an era of ASATs and asymmetric warfare?
• What are the new commercial markets that would be created or expanded by a reusable spaceplane? How significant are they?
• What can the government do now to encourage commercial investment in spaceplanes?
3:00 pm Coffee Break
3:20 pm The Politics & Future of ORS Access:
Colin Clark (chair) – Space.com, Military Affairs correspondent
Adrienne Ramsay (tentative) – Majority Professional Staff, House Armed Services Committee
Josh Hartman
– Minority Clerk, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense
James A. M. Muncy – President, PoliSpace
Discussion Questions:
ORS means different things to different players. What does it mean to Congress?
• What are the politics impacting on national investments in ORS?
• Why does Congress think we need ORS?
• How has the Chinese ASAT demonstration changed things?
• What are the congressional positions on hot topics?
• Can the ORS community support ORS, while avoiding the controversial issues?
4:50 pm Closing Remarks
5:00 pm Reception – sponsored by VPrize and Garvey Schubert Barer
6:00 pm Space Frontier Foundation Advocates Dinner (For active status Advocates only)
. Friday, July 20th, 2007 – Business Opportunities & Regulations
8:00 am Registration Opens – Networking & Coffee
9:00 am Opening Remarks
Rich Pournelle
– Director of Business Development, XCOR Aerospace
9:05 am The Next Great Space Business — Annual Business Plan Competition
The Space Frontier Foundation is hosting it's annual business plan competition. Last year we had over 20 companies apply. We're inviting SEC-accredited investors and their representatives to judge the business plans based on a one-page summary and a 5-8 minute pitch. Presenting companies are all early stage companies with technologies or products that advance the goals of an enduring human presence in space.
Judges Include:
Mohanjit Jolly – Partner, Draper Fisher Jurveston
Andrew Nelson – Angel Investor, Boston Harbor Angels
Guillermo Söhnlein – Managing Director, Space Angels Network
Lee Valentine – Angel Investor
Dr. Burton Lee – Partner, Innovarium Ventures
Shubber Ali – Entrepreneur

Please contact Rich Pournelle, Space Frontier Foundation Project Manager at rich@xcor.com if you would like to be a judge or suggest someone.

Click here to download the NS2007 Business Plan Session Word Doc which contains information on this NewSpace Economy Event.
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:15 am Financing The Next Steps: Future NewSpace Economy
Is NewSpace an industry yet? Are new companies seen as part of an industry to invest in, just like biotech, green energy or software? What can NewSpace do to put its best foot forward? Are there other industry parallels?
Esther Dyson (chair)
– Author Release 0.9; Chair, Flight School
Mohanjit Jolly – Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Bryan Lilley – Angel Investor, former logistics manager for X Prize Cup, founder & manager of the World Space Expo
Jim Asker – Editor in Chief Aviation Week
Andrew Nelson – Member, Boston Harbor Angels
12:00 pm Lunch
Thomas Boone Pickens, III – President and CEO, SpaceHab, Inc.
1:30 pm Surviving a Bad Day in Space: Risk Management Architecture
A personal spaceflight company will be exposed to the risk of a catastrophic and highly public disaster that could mark the onset of troubles ranging from the short-term (business interruption, loss of equipment and crew, acute regulatory scrutiny) to the long-term (defending lawsuits and restoring consumer confidence). Whether the company emerges from the process stronger or as a forgotten footnote in the early history of commercial human spaceflight will be determined largely by the risk management plan laid by the company before the accident. This discussion will delve into the various components of sound risk management architecture for entrants into the personal spaceflight industry, including safety-oriented “best practices,” legal standards of care, liability-shifting tools, public relations and insurance.
Doug Griffith (chair) – Air Disaster Litigation Attorney
Bretton Alexander – Executive Director, Space Prizes and Wirefly X PRIZE Cup
Kelly Alton – Aerospace Insurance Broker
Bob Benzon – NTSB Investigator in Charge
2:30 pm Personal Spaceflight Regulations: Moving Forward
As the NewSpace industry develops over the next 10 years, how might government regulations encourage or impede commercial growth?
Patricia G. Smith (chair) – Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, FAA
Reda Anderson – Rocketplane #1 Spaceflight Customer
Dr. Jonathan B. Clark – Survivability Team Leader, Orbital Outfitters
Alex Tai – COO, Virgin Galactic and Chairman, Personal Spaceflight Federation
3:30 pm Coffee Break
3:45 pm NewSpace for a New President?
2008 will see a U.S. Presidential election just five weeks after NASA’s 50th anniversary. Can any space issues break through the background noise of the campaign? What “space status quo” will a new occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania inherit on January 20, 2009? Will the “Vision” still be relevant? Will a new President grant a reprieve to the Shuttle’s death sentence? In a world of threats to military space assets, global environmental concerns, and Virgin Galactic, will anyone care about NASA’s human spaceflight? Will NewSpace see new opportunities for policy innovation and political support? Answering this and other questions will be a panel of people who have worked in space policy positions for the last four U.S. Presidents.
James A. M. Muncy (chair) – President, PoliSpace
Lori Garver – Capital Space
Alan Ladwig – Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.
Courtney Stadd – Capitol Solutions
4:45 pm Beyond COTS: Future Commercial Opportunities and the Vision for Space Exploration
Due to ongoing COTS efforts and the potential of space tourism, much of the attention in potential commercial opportunities is focused on orbital and suborbital space transportation efforts. But there are other opportunities, both near- and far-term, that may develop in support of NASA’s Global Exploration Strategy and future Lunar Architecture. Although NASA has been explicitly directed to “encourage commercial space capabilities,” the specific roles of commercial development efforts in the Vision are as yet undefined. This discussion will focus on potential supply and demand opportunities from both the private and NASA perspectives, effective actions that the latter can take to benefit the former, and a frank exchange of views from multiple perspectives.
Neil Woodward (chair) – Director, Directorate Integration Office (ESMD)
Dallas Bienhoff – Manager of In-Space & Surface Systems, Boeing
Ken Davidian – Centennial Challenges, NASA ESMD
James E. Dunstan – Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer
Jeff Greason – President, XCOR
6:00 pm Reception
7:00 pm Boeing Dinner
Space Investment Summit (SIS) Announcement
Paul Eckert, Ph.D.
– Coordinator, Space Investment Summit Coalition; International & Commercial Strategist, Space Exploration, The Boeing Company
Roger D. Launius, Ph.D. – Chair, Division of Space History, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution
Buzz Aldrin has regrettably informed us that he cannot attend.
10:00 pm Hospitality Suite – sponsored by Orbital Outfitters
. Saturday, July 21st, 2007 – Opening the Space Frontier
8:00 am Registration Opens – Networking & Coffee
9:00 am Opening Remarks
Lon Rains – Editor, Space News
9:15 am Keynote Address
Alex Tai – COO, Virgin Galactic and Chairman, Personal Spacelight Federation
9:45 am Commercial Orbital Transport – Cheap Access is Still The Key
With so much attention focused on Sub-orbital space flight, the real goal of reaching orbital space is often overlooked. How much harder is it to get to orbit? Who is building the real spacecraft that will open orbital space? How do we leverage today’s private space industry into an orbital economy? Can today’s problematic government space transportation system be turned into something useful? Can Space Shuttle be replaced by a fleet of varied commercial space vehicles?
Michael Belfiore (chair) – Author, Rocketeers: How a Visionary Band of Business Leaders, Engineers, and Pilots Is Boldly Privatizing Space
George French – CEO, RocketPlane Kistler
Gary C. Hudson – CEO, AirLaunch, LLC
Dennis A. Stone – Assistant Manager for Commercial Space Development, NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Program
Lee Valentine – EVP, Space Studies Institute
10:45 am Coffee Break
11:00 am New Moon Race – Will NewSpace Get There First?
The broad space community clearly supports the core goals of the Vision for Space Exploration, but debate continues concerning specific technical and programmatic choices as defined in NASA’s Exploration Systems Architecture. Most important to discuss and address are serious concerns about the program’s overall affordability and sustainability, echoing many of the past problems raised about the original Space Exploration Initiative and the Space Station program. How can American government and industry work together to establish an expanding and evolving sustainable economy on the Moon?
Charles J. Lauer (chair) – Vice President of Business Development, RocketPlane Kistler
Steve Durst – Founder, International Lunar Observatory Association
Hideki Kanayama – Director of Aerospace Policy and Industry, CSP Japan, Inc.
John N. Kohut – Senior Program Manager, Commercial Space Exploration, Raytheon
Dr. Paul Spudis – Planetary Scientist, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and Commission Member, President's Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond
12:00 pm Lunch
Eric Anderson – CEO, Space Adventures
1:30 pm LoST & SPACE – Two (Space)ships Passing In the Night?
Although the U.S. refused to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty (LoST) in 1982, it has generally accepted all of the Treaty's provisions—except for the command-economy controls and taxation on deep seabed mining, which strongly resembled the Moon Treaty and shared the same "common heritage of mankind" principle. The U.S. finally signed LoST in 1994 after revisions to these provisions. Although the treaty has been stalled in the Senate ever since, the Bush Administration has recently pushed for ratification citing national security concerns.

This panel will discuss the consequences of accepting the "common heritage of mankind" principle and the revised resource appropriation provisions for the future use of space resources.
James E. Dunstan (chair) – Partner, Garvey Schubert Barer
David Gump – President, Transformational Space Corporation (t/Space)
Ron Kohl – R. J. Kohl & Associates, Space Frontier Foundation Space Settlement Project Manager
Mark Simonoff – Attorney Advisor, Office of Legal Advisor
2:15 pm Space-Based Solar Power Development in Today’s Political Environment
Space-Based Solar Power has been proposed as an environmentally friendly solution to meet our growing demands for energy. However, support for exploring the development of this technology has waxed and waned. During this session, we are providing a forum for public input to the National Security Space Office Study on Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP). We will discuss such topics as how do we create a sustainable SBSP program, what are the next reasonable and viable steps in SBSP development, and what technologies are ready to advance to the demonstration stage.
Margo Deckard (chair) – Space Solar Power Project Manager, Space Frontier Foundation
Shubber Ali – Entrepreneur
John Mankins – President, ARTEMIS Innovation Management Solutions, LLC; President, Space Power Association
Col. Michael Coyote Smith – Space-Based Solar Power Architecture Study, National Security Space Office
Dr. Paul Werbos – Program Director, National Science Foundation
3:00 pm Coffee Break
3:15 pm Born After Apollo
Is the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE) inspirational to a generation that cannot remember the exhilarating achievements of the Space Race? More importantly, is NASA’s implementation of the VSE encouraging students and young professionals to pursue a career in aerospace? Do NewSpace entrepreneurial ventures have more influence on a youth accustomed to the internet revolution? How can government space programs change to satisfy a new era of leadership? What is the post-Apollo generation’s view of a future in space, and what changes will these young leaders make in government and industry?
Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides (chair) – Founder, Yuri’s Night & SpaceGen
William Pomerantz – Director, X Prize Foundation
Melissa Preble – Business Development, The Boeing Company
John Gedmark – Executive Director, Personal Spaceflight Federation
Eddie M. Van Pelt – Managing Partner, Desert Sky Holdings, LLC; Co-founder, 62 Mile Club
4:15 pm Closing Remarks
William Watson – Associate Director Space Frontier Foundation, NewSpace 2007 Conference Chair
5:30 pm Reception – sponsored by Space Services, Inc.
6:30 pm Annual Space Frontier Foundation Banquet (black-tie optional)
Rick Tumlinson – Founder, Space Frontier Foundation
Richard Godwin – President, Apogee Books
Featured Speaker:
Michael S. Kelly – Chairman, FAA-AST's COMSTAC RLV Working Group; Vice President of Technology, APFC
Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia
Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia
The Doubletree Hotel in Crystal City, Virginia is situated on the west side of the Potomac, across from the capital. The views from the hotel make you feel as if you can reach out and touch the monuments.
Special Rate: $149 per night, good for any 3 nights from July 16-24
Ask for the Foundation's NewSpace 2007 Conference rate...Group/Convention Code: SFF

Limited rooms still available (Single Rate $149.00, Double Rate $149.00, Triple Rate $169.00, Quad Rate $189.00)
Doubletree Hotel info:
300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia, United States 22202-2891 • Tel: +1-703-416-4100 Fax: +1-703-416-4126
Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City web site

The Doubletree Hotel in the Crystal City business corridor, minutes from Ronald Reagan National Airport, is located just across the Potomac from Washington D.C. Our full service hotel is within blocks of the Pentagon, Crystal Drive office park, the Crystal Underground Shopping Center, and Fashion Centre Mall at Pentagon City. We're convenient to all major government centers and D.C. area attractions like the Smithsonian, the White House, The Capitol, the Washington Monument, and Arlington National Cemetery.

The hotel features spacious rooms and suites with a long list of amenities, including high-speed internet access. The hotel offers a complete array of audiovisual, communications and business support services, including a Business Center. Work out in the well-equipped fitness room or take a dip in the indoor, heated pool on top of the hotel. The Café Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, or try Café Express for a light meal to go. The Skydome Lounge is the Washington D.C. area's only revolving rooftop lounge, featuring excellent views of the Capital and the Potomac, as well as happy hour buffets, dancing and entertainment. For a truly memorable dining experience, Windows Over Washington Restaurant offers elegant presentations of modern American cuisine and spectacular views on Friday and Saturday evenings only. Reservations are suggested.

For more information call 800-78-SPACE (800-787-7223)
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