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Andrew Chaikin's A Man on the Moon is the definitive guide to the Apollo program.

Women of Space by Laura S. Woodmansee – Girls, young women, and anyone else interested in learning about space exploration will be inspired by these career descriptions. Click above to order from Amazon.com.

NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas
Read the NewSpace 2006 Press Release:
The Space Event of the Summer! Space Frontier Foundation Announces
NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas

NewSpace 2006 Exhibits Manager: Laurie Wiggins.
NewSpace 2006 Exhibitors

Apogee Books
Apogee Books "The" space book company, publishers of the NASA Mission Reports and cutting edge books about space exploration and space history.
Apogee Books

Armadillo Aerospace
Armadillo Aerospace is a small research and development team working on computer-controlled LOX/ethanol rocket vehicles, with an eye towards manned suborbital vehicle development.

Federal Aviation Administration
AST's vision is to be recognized as the world's foremost authority on commercial space transportation.
Federal Aviation Administration

Fisher Space Pen
Fisher Space Pen Company believes you won't find a more dependable writing instrument...anywhere on Earth!
Fisher Space Pen

Flometrics, Inc.
Flometrics is an engineering firm specializing in solving problems in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. We design, build, test and improve products for customers in industries from consumer products to medical devices to spacecraft hardware.
Flometrics, Inc.

Garvey Schubert Barer
Garvey Schubert Barer is a full-service business law firm with more than 120 lawyers serving clients in the United States and abroad, with particular focus on the Pacific Rim.
Garvey Schubert Barer

Chris Gilman, Space Suits
Chris Gilman, Space Suits

Lunar Explorer
Former Foundation Return to the Moon Project Manager, Manny Pimenta, and VirtuePlay have developed the Lunar Explorer, a realistic interactive visual representation of the Moon using actual data collected by NASA spacecraft and earthbound telescopes.
Lunar Explorer

Phil Mills, Rocket Modeler
Phil Mills, Rocket Modeler

Optech Inc.
Optech is the global market leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced, laser-based survey systems.
Optec, Inc.

SpaceShot Inc.
SpaceShot, Inc. gives everyone an opportunity to compete to win a trip to space. We provide space travel prizes via internet skill games.
Space Shot

XCOR Aerospace
XCOR Aerospace was founded by rocket engine experts who understand safety and reliability. Our experience extends over 50 years of rocket propulsion design and testing as well as vehicle design and fabrication.
XCOR Aerospace

The Flamingo Hotel
The Flamingo, Las Vegas The Flamingo pool The Flamingo garden
The historic Flamingo Hotel is in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. This casino and resort includes a wildlife habitat and a 15 acre Caribbean-style water playground.

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The High Frontier is Gerard K. O'Neill's masterpiece. This new 3rd Edition Includes an introduction by Freeman Dyson.
Click above to order The High Frontier from Amazon.com.

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