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Books recommended by the Foundation:
Andrew Chaikin's A Man on the Moon is the definitive guide to the Apollo program.

The author, a professor of urban planning, discusses how science fiction is influenced by modern frontierism.

Women of Space by Laura S. Woodmansee – Girls, young women, and anyone else interested in learning about space exploration will be inspired by these career descriptions. Click above to order from Amazon.com.

Jenkins delves into enough minutiae of the space shuttle to enable, it seems, the building of one's own orbiter.

NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas
Another Successful Space Event!

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Click here for NewSpace 2006 Speakers Bios

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The Space Event of the Summer! Space Frontier Foundation Announces
NewSpace 2006 in Las Vegas

NewSpace 2006 Project Manager: Jeff Feige.
NewSpace 2006 Agenda

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
6:30 pm Registration Opens
Joint Lunar Commerce Roundtable
Space Frontier Foundation Reception

Thursday, July 20, 2006
Return to the Moon
In the words of administrator Griffin, the NASA architecture that will get us to the Moon is effectively an "Interstate Highway," a transportation system that will allow goods and services to travel between the Earth and the Moon. Simply put, NASA will get to the Moon, but the private sector will determine what is accomplished there. In administrator Griffin's words, it is up to the private sector to create the "exit ramps" and the "interesting destinations" along the way.

The primary focus of this part of the conference will be determining what these exit ramps are and how they will work. To that end, the topics being explored at the conference will include:

8:00 am Registration Opens
8:30 am Welcome
8:45 am Why the Moon?
Rick Tumlinson and Wendell Mendell
9:30 am American Society of Civil Engineers
Advancing NewSpace
What does 'economically sustainable development' mean? How will we organize the development of a permanent human presence on the Moon? What kinds of participants and organizations will this entail? These are some of the questions which need to be considered before we plunge into the details of Lunar settlement planning.
Dr. S. Mahadevan - Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Dr. Arup Maji - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Dr. Wieslaw Binienda, University of Akron, Ohio
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Lunar Infrastructure Requirements and Opportunities
Whether for private or Government activities, infrastructure defines what can be done. How it is built, managed, and designed is critical to this functionality. Recognizing all of this, are there opportunities to strike a unique balance among the requirements of all of the parties interested in Lunar development.
Kevin Greeene - Civil Engineer
Dr. Haym Benaroya - Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University
Dr. David Livingston - Host of The Space Show
Hugh Arif - Cisco Systems
11:30 am ISRU
Survival and any level of regular operations on the Lunar surface will necessarily involve living off the land. Which technologies will be used to pull this off however, remains an undecided question.
Brad Blair - Institute for Space Resources
Edward McCullough - Principal Scientist, The Boeing Company
John Mankins - Consultant
12:30 pm Lunch (included with registration)
Dr. Buzz Aldrin - Luncheon Speaker
2:00 pm Third Lunar Commerce Executive Roundtable
Bridging the Gap: From Earth Markets to New Space Markets
A summary will be provided of this Roundtable, held just prior to NewSpace 2006.
Dr. Paul Eckert - Business Development, The Boeing Company
2:30 pm Lunar Commercial Opportunities
In addition to the clear science applications that become possible when considering activities on the Lunar surface, are there commercial opportunities as well?
3:00 pm Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut
3:30 pm Break
3:45 pm Lunar Express Architecture – Constellation Services International
Ben Muniz
4:15 pm Running a Lunar Facility
Managing a lunar facility successfully requires a careful examination of the policy issues surrounding its creation.
Jim Muncy - PoliSpace
4:45 pm Traveling the Near Frontier
Space Adventures presents their Deep Space Expedition; a circumlunar expedition.
Chris Faranetta - Vice President of Orbital Spaceflight, Space Adventures
5:30 pm The night is young, the night is yours. Welcome to Las Vegas.

Friday, July 21, 2006
Enabling NewSpace
Space is changing and that it's relevance to the national economy will soon be feeling that change. NASA and traditional government contractors will soon be joined by new launch companies and others intent upon doing business in space, or more appropriately, using space to do business. How the government and businesses will work together is of critical importance to the NewSpace movement. Friday's agenda will focus on the needs and requirements of the emerging NewSpace industry. Topics will include:
7:30 am Registration Opens
8:00 am Welcome
8:15 am Keynote Address
Traveling the Near Frontier - Robert Bigelow - President, Bigelow Aerospace
9:00 am What's going on? (Sponsored by the Space Access Society)
Summary of what's going on in the NewSpace community, with updates from the companies that are changing the world.
Henry Vanderbilt (Moderator) - Space Access Society
Jim Benson - SpaceDev
Gary Hudson - AirLaunch
Chuck Lauer - Rocketplane/Kistler
Dave Masten - Masten Space Systems
Rich Pournelle - XCOR Aerospace
11:00 am Constellation Services LEO Express Architecture
Charles Miller - CEO Constellation Services International
11:30 am Doing Business in Space (Opportunities and Lessons Learned)
There's only two reasons to do business in space: Either to provide a product or service that was unavailable before or to provide an existing product or service better. First and last space business is business and those who ignore this rule do so at their peril.
Lon Levin - Vice President, Corporate and International Planning, Mobile Satellite Ventures
Jim Frelk - VP Terrestar
12:30 pm Lunch (Centennial Challenges NewSpace mini-workshop)
In June, 2004, Centennial Challenges conducted a two-day workshop to solicit prize competition ideas from government, industry, academia, and private individuals. In a continuing effort to solicit new ideas and engage the general public in the NASA prize program, Centennial Challenges is conducting "mini-workshops" as opportunities present themselves at conferences and other meetings. To take advantage of the Space Frontier Foundation's emphasis on the NewSpace industry, Centennial Challenges will engage the conference's participants in an open discussion of new prize competition ideas that have a direct connection to space entrepreneurs.
Ken Davidian - Centennial Challenges Program, NASA Headquarters
2:00 pm NASA Lunar Exploration mini-workshop
If you're thinking this is yet another space conference where NASA just tells us what they're doing...well, not exactly. After NASA held it's Exploration Strategy Workshop in April, we learned that NASA was seeking a non-traditional venue to get more input from the private sector and we invited NASA to use NewSpace 2006 for this purpose. NASA Exploration Systems Directorate managers Jeff Volosin and Lisa Guerra will conduct a mini-version of the April workshop. For those of you who weren't able to attend the workshop, your (space)ship has come in.
Jeff Volosin - Exploration Systems Directorate, NASA Headquarters
Lisa Guerra - Exploration Systems Directorate, NASA Headquarters
3:00 pm Interorbital Space Systems
3:25 pm Networking Break
3:35 pm Economic Modeling of Future Space Markets
Using available knowledge about the market (consumers and producers), separate assessments will be presented about the sub-orbital space tourism market and Commercial Orbital Space Transportation (COTS) ISS support market. Quantitative answers will be presented to these questions using the Nodal Economic Space Commerce (NESC) model, a dynamic, agent-based market simulation tool for the space marketplace.
A.C. Charania - SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI)
4:00 pm The NewSpace 2006 Business Plan Competition
This year's conference will feature a business plan competition for space entrepreneurs. Companies with products and technologies that have the potential to open the space frontier such as space transportation, space robotics, space-related entertainment, remote sensing, space communications, materials sciences, life support, and green technologies are invited to present. Companies will give a 10 minute presentation to the audience and a panel of experts from the legal community, venture capital and angel investing. At the end of each presentation judges will ask questions and score each presentation.
Judges will include:
Richard Harroch - Managing Director, VantagePoint Venture Partners
Mahanjit Jolly - Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures
Amaresh Kollipara - Entrepreneur, Aerospace Consultant
Lowell Ness - Partner, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliff LLP
Aneel Pandey - Angel Investor
Dr. Lee Valentine - Angel Investor, Executive Vice-President Space Studies Institute
Dr. Jacques Vallee - Partner, SBV Venture Partners
Click here for the NewSpace 2006 Business Plan Competition Call for Entries
6:00 pm Sessions Conclude
7:00 pm Pre-Banquet Reception
8:00 pm Annual Banquet (black-tie optional) (organized by NADC) to include:
Heroes of the Moon
Foundation Awards Ceremony (read the
Press Release)
Space Auction

Saturday, July 22, 2006
Envisioning NewSpace
While it cannot be denied that cheaper launch costs will change our relationship with space, what will the emerging space industry really look like. Saturday will focus on various short and near term aspects of this new industry. Topics will include:
8:00 am Registration Opens
9:00 am Welcome
9:15 am Keynote Address
Dr. George Nield - Deputy Associate Administrator, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation
9:45 am The Role of the Military
Think about the fundamental needs of military space planners: There is currently a need for vehicles that can access space at reasonable cost, reliably, on short notice. These are of course prerequisites for the success of a NewSpace firm. Given the overlap between technology needs and NewSpace capabilities understanding roles becomes critical.
Jess Sponable
10:30 am Break
10:40 am Spaceports and State Issues
State operated Spaceports are poised to become economic engines; the focal point of NewSpace economic activity in their respective locales. What are these states prepared for and expecting? What advantages might be gained by relocating a company to one of these facilities? This panel seeks to explore the entire range of issues associated with State operated Spaceports.
Stuart Witt - General Manager, Mojave Airport
Bill Khourie - Executive Director, Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority (invited)
11:20 am Mike Beavin - Office of Space Commercialization
The Office of Space Commercialization is the principal unit for the coordination of space-related issues, programs, and initiatives within the Department of Commerce. The goal of the Office is to foster an economic and policy environment that ensures the growth and international competitiveness of the U.S. commercial space industry.
11:45 am Lunch (on your own)
1:15 pm Legal Issues and NewSpace
As the NewSpace industry moves closer and closer to the reality of high flight volume there are a number of legal issues which move to the forefront. This panel will explore some of these issues and their potential implications.
Berin Szoka - Latham & Watkins LLP.
Jim Dunstan - Garvey, Schubert & Baer
2:10 pm Space and Mass Media
As NewSpace makes the transition from concept to reality, how space is viewed by the public will begin to change as well. This session will address what those changes might be and how they might be of advantage to NewSpace firms.
David Beaver - Founder of The World Space Center, MindSpace Multimedia, and holder of multiple patents in simulation media
David Livingston - Host of The Space Show
Dan Curry - Seven Time Emmy Award winning Special Effects Director of Star Trek
Phil Lemmons - Former Editor of Byte and PC World magazines
Misuzu Onuki - Asia Representative for Space Frontier Foundation and RocketPlane Kistler, Creator of the first Space Fashion Show
3:40 pm On the Horizon
What are the technologies that are just out of reach today, but will likely have the same level of impact that the emergence of NewSpace is having today? Change is coming, but this panel discussion seeks to answer the questions: When? and How?
Dr. Neville Marzwell - Director of Advanced Projects, Jet Propulsion Laboratories
4:00 pm Networking Break
4:20 pm Collective Development of Aerospace Vehicle Enabling Technologies
oday, small aerospace firms are on the threshold of opening new space-based industries in space tourism, low-cost satellite launching, same-day package delivery, and rapid point-to-point passenger travel. History suggests that the key to opening these new markets is the development of enabling and sustaining technologies that will provide the equivalent breakthroughs in operability for aerospace vehicles that intellectual property sharing provided for aircraft in the nascent commercial aviation industry. How will small aerospace firms develop, or gain access to, the technologies that will enable these new space-based industries?
4:40 pm Emerging Technologies
It's time again for space technology speed dating…just six minutes to describe your technology and its potential applications, what you're needing and take a question or two. Have a great idea? It could be your turn on the stage…in Vegas!
Mike Mealling (moderator) - Vice President for Business Development, Masten Space Systems
Tim Bendel - Frontier Astronautics
Jerry Hilburn - Epsori Space Systems Inc.
Additional speakers will be selected at the conference
5:30 pm Sessions Conclude
6:30 pm Advocates Dinner (Advocates only)
The annual dinner for Space Frontier Foundation Advocates. Mark your calendars accordingly!

Sunday, July 23, 2006
Space and the Individual (Morning Only)
The changes brought on by NewSpace will not only be felt by the business sector, but will change the lives of everyday people. Sunday we will explore how "our" personal futures will be affected. Topics will include:
8:45 am Welcome
9:00 am Spaceflight and Personal Risk
Nearly anything to do with space includes a certain amount of risk. Managing that risk is an issue for corporations and individuals alike.
Reda Anderson - Adventure Traveler (Machu Pichu, The Gobi Desert, the Titanic)
Randal Clague - XCOR Aerospace
Ken Gosier
10:00 am Space and the Environment
Environmental issues are becoming increasingly relevant day by day. Are there ways in which activity in space can begin to affect some of the negative impact on the environment that we are seeing at present?
Dr. Molly Macauley - Senior Fellow and Director of Academic Programs, Resources for the Future
John Mankins - President, SUNSAT Energy Council
Jeff Krukin - Executive Director, Space Frontier Foundation
11:00 am Sex in Space
We eat in Space, we work in space, we sleep in space; as more and more people move into the space environment, everything that it means to be human will follow. Exploring the biological, emotional, and even physical issues that will confront people moving into the space environment.
Laura Woodmansee - author of "Sex in Space"
Dr. Jim Logan - NASA
Vanna Bonta - Poet, Actress, Writer, Director, Producer
12:00 pm We're done! What could possibly follow a session on sex in space!? Thank you very much for being with us, and travel well.

Workshops: Friday
Friday, July 21
2:00 PM
Quo Vadis? Space Advocacy and the U.S. Military in Space
Space development advocates and military leaders have many common requirements in low-cost, reliable space transportation, but differences in world views have prevented the two groups from effectively talking to one another. To understand why this is, this workshop will begin with a brief learning session on military space. Then, we move into a discussion workshop that will examine the differing world views of the two groups and seek to find common ground between them. Our goal is to develop a pro-frontier policy that is saleable to U.S. military leaders and define initial steps for its implementation.

The Flamingo Hotel
The Flamingo, Las Vegas The Flamingo pool The Flamingo garden
The historic Flamingo Hotel is in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. This casino and resort includes a wildlife habitat and a 15 acre Caribbean-style water playground.

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