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Another Successful Space Event from the Space Frontier Foundation
Cheap Access to Space 1997
Pete Conrad speaking at CATS 1997 Dana Rohrabacher speaking at CATS 1997
Apollo 12's Pete Conrad speaking at CATS.
Dana Rohrabacher speaking at CATS.
The Cheap Access to Space Symposium is a Success!
Washington, D.C., July 21-22, 1997: The Space Frontier Foundation's Cheap Access to Space Symposium on Capitol Hill was attended by hundreds of aerospace executives, government officials, space advocates, and media representatives.

Among the highlights:
The first public presentation of the Roton, a new commercial Single Stage to Orbit vehicle being developed by Rotary Rocket Company.
The Honorable Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Chair of the House Space subcommittee, states that Shuttle Liquid Fly-Back boosters are a dead issue. Read his space policy address.
Keith Calhoun-Senghor, of the Department of Commerce, provided an overview of the historic significance of Cheap Access to Space in an opening presentation. Read his speech.
Panel One: "How Can America Create Free and Competitive Markets for Space Launch Services?" discussed the government's role in promoting space development. Read the Panel One transcript.
Virtually all of the chief executives of the new Reusable Launch Vehicle companies discuss critical regulatory issues with the chief regulators at the Office of the Associate Administrator for Space Transportation (FAA).
"What is the Role of Federal 'X-Vehicles' in Supporting Commercial Development of Affordable Space Transportation? " was hosted by Jim Muncy, and featured Henry Vanderbilt, Pete Worden, Pete Conrad, and many other noted experts on advanced space transportation. Read Henry Vanderbilt's speech.
For more information, read Jeff Foust's article about the CATS Symposium.

Check out photos from the Cheap Access to Space Symposium:
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