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William Watson
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Kevin Greene
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Jeff Krukin
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Jim Muncy
Misuzu Onuki
Corporate Secretary:
Michael K. Heney
Brook Mantia
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Peter Thorpe
Rick Tumlinson
Jim Muncy
Bob Werb
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Return to the Moon:
Jeff Feige

Teachers in Space:
Edward Wright

Greg Zsidisin

NewSpace Economic Development:
Jeff Krukin

Space Settlement:
Ron Kohl

The Cosmos Review:
Vanna Bonta

Permission to Dream:
George Whitesides

The Watch:
Richard Haase

Elaine Walker

New Space Economy Series:
Bob Hillhouse

High Frontier Book Marketing:
Bob Werb

Lost in Space by Greg Klerkx. Formerly associated with the SETI Institute, Klerkx discuses NASA's present-day loss of vision.

Space and Beyond: The Frontier Theme in Science Fiction by Gary Westfahl. Examines the theme of the frontier in science fiction.

Advocates can use a private bulletin board to discuss issues.
Click here for the Advocates' Bulletin Board
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The 2007 - 2008 Board of Directors
The new Board of Directors for 2006 - 2007 are Reda Anderson, Kevin Greene, Michael K. Heney, Jeff Krukin Charles E. Miller, Jim Muncy and Misuzu Onuki. Chairman of the Board is Bob Werb, Executive Director & Director of Development is Willliam Watson.
New 2007 Advocates
Advocates inducted in 2007: Dallas Beinhoff, David Brody, Lt. Col. Pete Garrettson, Ed Hudgins, Jack Kennedy, Col. M.V. Coyote Smith, Chris Stott, Derek Weber, Neil Woodward.
New 2006 Advocates
Advocates inducted in 2006: Reda Anderson, David Cassimatis, Charles Chafer, Ken Davidian, Peter Diamandis, Mary Duda, Cathy Harper, Steve Harrington, Amanda Harris, Andrew Hoppin, Starla Kaiser, Ryan Kubrik, Jason Marcks, David Masten, Phil Mills, Joshua Neubert, Bruce Pittman, Megan Seals, Will Watson, Laura Woodmansee.
New 2005 Advocates
Advocates inducted at Space Frontier Conference 14, Los Angeles, October 2005: Sam Dinkin, Jeff Feige, David Gump, Traci Ivory, Tom Matula, Michael Mealling, Krysta Paradis, Robin Snelson, Berin Szoka, Barbara Thompson.
New 2004 Advocates
Advocates inducted at Space Frontier Conference 13, Los Angeles, October 2004: Vanna Bonta, Tracy Boortz, Paul Contursi, Ivor Dawson, David King, Allen Newcombe.
The 2004 By-Laws of the Space Frontier Foundation
Click here
to download the PDF file of the By-Laws of the Space Frontier Foundation as of August 30, 2004.
February 2004 Foundation Leadership Roster
Click here to download the February 2004 Foundation Leadership Roster, a Word doc, which contains e-mail addresses, phone numbers and street addresses for all Foundation board members, officers, founders, and staff.
New 2003 Advocates
Advocates inducted at Space Frontier Conference 12, Los Angeles, October 2003: Steve Durst, Kevin Greene, Richard Haase, Ed Hudgins, Tom Olson and John Powell.
New 2003 Advocates
Click here to view the August 5, 2003 Board resolution regarding the United States Space Foundation's claim that the Space Frontier Foundation is impinging on their rights by using the name 'Space Frontier Foundation'.
A Message to the Advocates from Joe Gillin,
our 2003 Advocates Coordinator
Hello. As Al Differ posted on the BBS, I've agreed (must have been temporary insanity) to serve as Advocates Coordinator. I'm still learning what's all involved and will be working with a couple of other people on the logistics of keeping current Advocate lists up to date, etc.

In the meantime, please let me know of any problems or concerns you may be having as an Advocate. I understand my primary responsibility is to "advocate for the Advocates". I will be attending Board telecons, so as to be able to inform you of new developments and to convey your concerns.

Finally, I've titled this message "A New Year..." since it is time to remind you that you can go ahead and pay your 2003 dues (or catch up on the past years). Go ahead and renew now, so you can breath easier when I send out future reminders to the group. Go to:
(Don't forget your user ID and password.) I did it a couple of weeks ago, and the process worked A-OK.
Joe Gillin
We now have the Major Donors List for 2002 and the Debts List as of September 2002. Both are PDF files. Click on each to download.
JLS Consulting's Core Value Driven Strategy
John King, of JLS Consulting, helped attendees at Space Frontier Conference 11 in Scottsdale, September 2002, by introducing proven strategies for resource planning. Click here to download a PDF file of the strategy worksheet used in John King's presentation. Use these sheets to plan individual projects.
New 2002 Advocates
Advocates inducted at Space Frontier Conference 11, from left to right: Jeff Greason, Rich Pournelle, John Hanks (with Mini Me), Manny Pimenta, Dr. David Livingston.
New 2002 Advocates
Click here to download the 2001 Statement of Accounts as a PDF file.
Board Election Procedures with Proxy Form
Click here to download the Election Procedures. It is a Word doc, and contains a proxy form for those Advocates who cannot attend the election in person.
Message and Policy (MAP) Charter
Finance Charter
Operations Charter
Events/Projects Charter
Marketing Charter
Member Services Charter
The Advocate's Handbook (DRAFT Version 0.2 - Nov 07, 1997)
The Advocate's Handbook (Draft 2) (html)
The Advocate's Handbook (Draft 2) (MS Word 6.0)
Finder's Fee Policy
Finder's Fee Policy
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Suggested Reading
The High Frontier, 3rd Edition by Gerard K. O'Neill

A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaiken
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein
Return to the Moon edited by Rick Tumlinson
This New Ocean, The Story of the First Space Age by William E. Burrows
Space: The Free Market Frontier by Edward L. Hudgens
The Advocates Pin
The Advocates Pin
Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes are in PDF format.
Click to download.
Board Meeting 01-25-2007
Board Meeting 08-17-2006
Board Meeting 08-10-2006
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Board Meeting 07-19-2006
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Board Meeting 08-27-2002
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Board Meeting 06-25-2002
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Board Meeting 01-09-2002
Board Meeting 12-19-2001
Board Meeting 12-12-2001
Board Meeting 12-05-2001
Board Meeting 11-28-2001
Board Meeting 11-07-2001
Board Meeting 10-31-2001
Board Meeting 10-23-2001

Annual General Meetings:
Annual Meeting 09-13-2002
Annual Meeting 10-19-2001

Board 60-day Review
October - December 2001
60-day Review Resolution

60-day Review Part 1:
Report Resolution

60-day Review Part 2:
Extension Resolution

60-day Review Report – Part 1

60-day Review Report – Part 2

You can listen to Foundation Advocate Dr. David Livingston's radio show
The Space Show
by clicking here.

Deep Space by Robert Godwin. This book covers all of NASA's deep space probes including Pioneer 10 & 11, Voyager 1 & 2, Galileo and Cassini, NEAR, Stardust and Deep Space One. A bonus DVD includes thousands of images from each probe.

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